Celebrities Guide On Braided Hairstyles

celebrity braided hairstyles

Milkmaid or Dutch, twisted or upswept, smooth or uneven, braids have always been near the top of the list of those who loves copying celebrities’ hairstyles and all for one reason: They look so cute, are easy to make, and one can master it without professional assistance.

Ahead, we have rounded up ten best braiding hairstyles in 2018 inspired by you all time fave celebs.

Top 10 Celebrities Inspired  Braided Hairstyles

Lily Collins

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: dailymail

With bold red lips and sophisticatedly braided updo, Lilly arrived straight from the fairy tales and nailed the Golden Globes 2017.

Kendall Jennerhit

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: fashionayiti

Kendall Jennerhit opted for a fuss-free double braid hairstyle and hit up the basketball game.

Kim Kardashian

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: laiamagazine

Kardashian stuns as always in this simple Parisian braid that includes center-parted plait that she opted for her week-long pre-wedding festivities.

Shay Mitchell

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: hbz

Shay Mitchell’s this hairdo will give you a serious hairstyle goal. Just look at her textured milkmaid braid crowned neatly above her forehead.

Kate Bosworth

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: popsugar

Started with the side part crowning, Bosworth’s braided hairstyle gives a soft and romantic feel. Her stylists Bridget Brager reveals the direction for this lovely hairdo: Part one side and start braiding crown. Make second and third braid at the temple and bring back on each side. Use anti-frizz cream to tame flyaways and add gloss. Make sure you make a loose braid to give a voluminous touch. Weave the braids together backward and pin them low to give a halo effect.

Jessica Alba

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: pinimg

To achieve Alba’s super-cute side plaits, part the wet strands from the top of the head down to the nape of your neck. Apply the gel on hair and cornrow braid from the front to the back. Make sure the braid ends underneath the loose hair on the right side. Secure it with a rubber band and tuck in the loose hair with a bobby pin.

Katy Perrycelebrity braided hairstyles

Via: glamour

Katty Perry looks so adorable with her upswept braided hairstyle. Her French braided upsweep is unexceptionally dazzled with sparkly metallic accessories.

Chloe Grace Moretz

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: instyle

The hairstylist Gregory Russell achieved the star’s textured look as follow: He sectioned her hair from the back of her ear and braided up into one and over to the other side. He then rested her hair at eye level, continued with splitting the pony into and twisted hair sections with one another. Then he tucked the twists into a gorgeous bun using the bobby pins. He added texture and volume to the star’s hair by using hair extensions.  Finally, he pinned the front braid around the bun and loosened the braid in the desired shape.

Lucy Hale

celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: stylenoted

Lucy Hale’s not-too-polished braid one of the favorite hairstyle inspiration for girls these days. To nail this look, give your hair a healthy dose of hair texturing spray. Bring your hair on one side and divide into three sections – one skinny strand, one fat strand, and one medium strand. Braid loosely to give an uneven and free-wheeling look to your braid.

Emma Watson
celebrity braided hairstyles

Via: popsugar

One of Emma Waston’s popular hairstyles, this delicate braided headband is most on-trend for casual events. Just pull a few strands from one side, make a sleek braid and wear it around your head like a headband. Secure it on the other side using bobby pins.

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