10 Gorgeous Hair Accessories you’ll Fall in Love With

Hair Accessories

Add some bling to your coif……  

We ladies love to flaunt our locks! Sometimes by simply letting them loose, while sometimes by tying them up in cute ponytails and elegant up-does. But there’s one more adorable thing to treat our hair with, but we seldom overlook it considering it’s just for little girls. Yes, you guessed that right! Headbands, pretty pins, and other hair accessories are either considered too dressy or too kiddish. Today, we’re gonna break that myth. Here are seven incredibly gorgeous hair accessories that you’ll fall in love with. The best part? You can wear these hair accessory Trends 2018 from your work to a party looking like a complete diva.

1. Bridal Hair Accessory

Bridal Hair Accessory
Via: Overwhelmed Bride

Something glam for your special day! This Rhinestone studded three chain hair accessory is just what a modern bride need to add some sparkle to her ensemble. Yes! This is how you shine on your big day.

2. Delicate Golden Stars Stick-Ons

Golden Stars Hair Embellishment
Via: KobietaMag

Going to a party this evening? This delicate weave hair style embellished with golden stars stick-on hair accessory is all you need to make a statement.

3. Hair Barrettes

Hair Barrettes
Via: Scout Mob

Carry this chic hair barrette from workplace to a casual party. It’ll keep you manes in place and add the perfect finishing touch to your hair style.

4. Antique Leaf Headpiece

Chic Feathered Headband
Via: Buzzfeed

Don’t have such stunning periwinkle blue hair? Don’t worry you can still carry a headpiece like the one in the picture above. From prom to the wedding reception, this timeless hair accessory will grow with you and still never get old.

5. Quirky Beads

Via: Pinterest

Remember as a child we used to ties our hair in thin braids and then decorate them with colorful beads. Well, here’s a more elegant and grown-up version of the same. Feeling nostalgic yet?

6. Feathered Hair Accessory

Feathered Hair Accessory
Via: Three Bird Nest

For the wild at heart, this offbeat hair accessory will reflect your unique personality and style. Tie them at the end of your braid like in the picture above or clip them as extensions when you let your mane loose.

7. Sophisticated Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins
Via: Brit + Co

Did you know this hair styling staple could look so chic and sophisticated? These red bobby pins used to tame the bangs in an elegant up-do has simply stolen our hearts and we can’t seem to get over it. We are sure you too are gonna try.

8. A Black Ribbon

Hair Accessory Trends
Via: Harper Bazar

We’re sure you have one in your arts and crafts drawer. If not, you can easily get one from the store next door. This versatile hair accessory can be coupled with endless hairstyles to create something extraordinary.

9. Headband

Hair Accessory Trends
Via: Honestly WTF

Simple yet exquisite, this golden headband is one must-have for every girl reading this post.

10. The Ruby Crown

Ruth Negga Oscars 2017
Via: People Dot Com

Amongst the must-see hair accessories, there’s always one that takes the winner trophy. For today’s list, it’s the ruby crown that Ruth Nega flaunted on the Red Carpets of Oscar 2017. Isn’t it totally steal-worthy?

Let us know which of these hair accessories you’ve already tried and also the one you’ll be looking forward to dress your hair with.

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