11 Mind-Blowing Facts On Hair That Will Change Your Outlook

fun facts about hair

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Do you think that you’re a hair expert? Do you have gorgeous hair to boast among people? Do you have loads of constructive hair care suggestions for your friends?

If you say yes to these questions, it’s great! You are so conscious about your hair maintenance.

But this black stuff crowning your head has some pretty surprising properties that you probably never heard before. Knowing these interesting and fun facts about hair will not only make you appreciate it even more but will improvise your hair care regime.

Head full of hair can support two elephants.

fun facts about hair

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Well, we don’t recommend trying it. But it’s true whatsoever.  A single hair strand can lift up to 100 grams of weight. It’s your scalp that fails to cope with the weight.

Hair grows faster in the summer.

Warmer the weather, the faster your hair will grow. A simple logic works behind this hair fact. Heat stimulates the blood circulation in the whole body including scalp that results in better hair growth.

Don’t forget the genetics and dietary barriers.

Hair exists for a good cause.

fun facts about hair

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Unlike the other body parts, our heads don’t have fat layers to protect them against cold. It is our hair that compensates for this lack of insulation and keeps them warm in the Winter.

Hair is a constitution of dead keratin cells.

Now you know why your mother puts lots of protein in your diet! Keratin is the same protein found in our skin’s outer layer and fingernails. It also exists in animals’ feather, claws, and hooves.

Takeaway: care your scalp more than dead hair strands.

Black is the most common and Red is the rarest hair color.

fun facts about hair

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Only 1% of world’s population has naturally red hair. Most of the human beings bear with dark colors with black being the most common hair color with blonde occupying the second place.

Asian hair is more elastic.

fun facts about hair

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You can stretch your wet strands by up to 30% of its original length without damaging. And, elasticity and growth rate are higher in Asians as compared to other races.

Our head loses up to 150 strands every day.

fun facts about hair

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Don’t worry if you find a few strands in your hairbrush or on the floor each time you shower. Losing 40-150 strands is natural.

Hair is the most important forensic evidence.

fun facts about hair

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By analyzing your hair, scientists can tell what you ate and drank. They can also describe the environment that you lived in just by examining your tiny strand.

This is because hair contains information on what your bloodstream has contained in the past. Scary, isn’t it?

Longest hair length over 18 ft.

fun facts about hair

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The credit goes to the Chinese woman Xie Qiuping who started growing her locks when she was 13. She was added to Guinness Wolrd Records in 2004.

Frequent trims don’t encourage faster hair growth.

fun facts about hair

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Unfortunately, we have been told to get regular trimmings for a better hair growth. However, it is split ends that intervene hair growth, and we’re left with no options other than cutting them off.

Water damages hair.

Surprised??? Yes, it’s not only heat styling and chemicals that damage your hair, but water has no escape. Water plays with the hydrogen bonds of strands, changing their shape. That’s why our hair change shape in the shower.

You can’t avoid water but stay away from humidity as much as possible as humidity makes your hair frizzy, dry and puffy.

If you also know more interesting facts about hair, share with us!

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