5 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Fall In Summers

Hair Fall

There is nothing more dreadful than watching your precious locks of hair falling on the floor each time you run a comb through them or wash them. But as the heat turns up the damaging rays of the sun starts playing havoc on our hair. Hair fall is a common problem we all face during summers. But not anymore! In this article we will share some tried and tested haircare tips that will help you prevent hair fall and keep the hair silky soft and healthy. Read on till the end to know more.

1. Stay Hydrated 


You know how everybody keeps suggesting that you should drink plenty of water during summers and stay hydrated. Well, it’s time to actually follow this advice. Staying hydrated during the summers ultimately leads to a healthy skin, hair and of course body. Studies suggest that water constitutes one fourth of the weight of a hair strand. Drinking water helps in better absorption of vitamins and hence leads to gleaming and healthy tresses. Therefore, drinking at least two litres of water is an absolute must during the warmer days of the year.

2. Sun protection

Summer Hair Care

UV rays can damage our hair really bad. When you go out in sun during the day, the heat of sun along with the dust and pollution can leave the hair dry and frizzy. As such, its important to protect the hair from harmful sun rays by covering them with a hat or scarf whenever you step out in the sun.

3. Hair Styling Precautions

Hair Styling

We all love to style our hair sometimes in curls, sometimes straight, but the heat from using styling tools on the hair can damage the hair and lead to breakage. This summer do not blow dry wet hair, let them air dry for at least 15 minutes before you start styling them. Also, do not skip the heat protectant before the blowout to keep your locks shiny and beautiful. Avoiding these hair styling mistakes can help you reduce the hair fall to a great extent.

4. Nourish your hair

Hair Mask

Summer is the time when our hair needs to be pampered and nourished. Make sure you deep condition your hair weekly to keep them silky smooth and gorgeous. You could also try some DIY hair masks that can be easily made with the ingredients already present in your kitchen, for example curd, egg or cucumber. Apply any one of these and it will not only help prevent the hair fall but also make your mane more luscious and smooth.

5. Hair Massage

Hair Massage

Massaging the hair with hot oil helps make the hair roots stronger, which in turn prevents hair fall. You can use essential oils to massage the scalp. It will increase the blood flow to your scalp, making the roots stronger and reducing the hair fall. Regular oil massages also helps in hair growth.

Take heart the tips mentioned above and you will notice a remarkable reduction in your hair fall along with a substantial improvement in your hair quality.

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