5 Hair Care and Styling Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Hair Care Tips

Summers are just about to knock at our door steps, and it calls for a change in our hair care regimen.  During summers our hair requires special care as the UV rays from sun starts to play havoc with our hair making them dull and weak. Hot weather also brings humidity, and our hair begins to lose moisture and become dry and brittle.

To battle the scorching temperature it’s important to step up our hair care and styling routine. But before you begin your summer hair care regimen, make sure you keep in mind the following styling and hair care mistakes that must be avoided.

  1. Avoid over-washing

Hair wash
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We understand how soothing a cold shower feels at the end of a long summer day. Plus, the humidity outside doesn’t make it any easier. Hair becomes greasy and sticky, which is a big no-no and washing seems to be the only way out. But you must remember that shampooing too often is bound to damage your hair. In order to maintain your hair strength and get rid of the oily scalp, just try rinsing your hair with water, instead of using shampoo every time.

  1. Blow Drying Wet Hair

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This is one mistake we all commit in a hurry.  Heat from blow drying wet hair can cause substantial hair damage. It also strips your hair from the moisture it requires and may lead to frazzled and frizzy locks. Allow your hair to partially air dry before you style them with your blow dryer. Don’t worry it won’t take long considering the hot weather outside.

  1. Passing over heat protectant before blowout

Hair Styling Mistakes
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Neglecting a heat protectant spray or serum before blow drying and styling the hair is another common mistake that most of us are guilty of committing. Not anymore, make sure that you treat your damp hair with a quality heat protectant before blow drying, and we ensure you that you will have perfect silky smooth strands even in the hot sticky days and your blowout will also last longer.

  1. Using tight hair ties

Hair Care Mistakes
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During summers our hair becomes fragile from all the heat and are prone to breakage if you tie them up too tightly. We know how tying up the hair can help tame those sweaty strands during the summers but if you love your locks, you ought to opt for more breathable hair styles. Even better, embrace the natural look, we heard it’s the most popular hair trend of 2017.

  1. Skipping nourishment

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Summers can make you lazy, but that’s no excuse for keeping your hair from the nourishment it requires. If you can’t make a trip to the salon for a weekly conditioning treatment, make sure you pamper your hair at home with a moisturizing hair mask. Also, make sure that you eat right for healthy and shiny hair all summer.

Keep avoiding the above-mentioned hair care mistakes, and you will be able to flaunt those silky smooth strands all summer.

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