7 Doubts About Hair Washing You Should Clarify Now

Hair myths

Hair myths

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What, how and when of hair washing creates so much fuss for people who want to pamper their strands with immense care. Will daily shampooing dry my hair? Should a superior shampoo always form great lather? Should I give a cold or hot rinse to hair? And, hundreds of questions to rack your brain! To puzzle you out, we list here the biggest hair washing myths and doubts by the experts, and you should stop believing right now. Read below the 7 Myths Regarding Hair Washing You Should Clarify Now!

# Cold Rinse Makes Hair Shiny.

Icy water can enliven your hair but doesn’t make them shiny. You constantly hear that cold rinse closes hair cuticles, making them light-reflective.

But hair contains no living cells. So it can’t react to cold or hot water. Its silicones and oils found in conditioners and shampoos that smooth the cuticles and add gloss to your hair strands.

Cold rinse can, in fact, compress the blood capillaries in your scalp, which carry essential nutrients to the hair follicle.

# You Should Switch Shampoos Frequently.

Hair myths

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Hair is dead! They can’t get used to or feel anything. It’s just your perception. Hair experts allow you to stick to your favorite and right shampoo as long as you want.

Though, it’s good to switch to a more moisturizing shampoo if you have recently undergone hair coloring or increased the use of heat styling.

# Shampooing Daily Makes Hair Unhealthy.

Hair myths

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False! You can wash your hair every day if you have a right product. Oily types can rinse their hair daily using a gentle formula with moisturizing agents like shea butter or panthenol. People with dry hair can wash every other day.

No matter what kind of hair you have, never buy products with harsh formulas as these strip natural oil, making them dry, dull and frizzy. Follow shampooing with a mild conditioner to keep your hair healthy, thick and shiny.

# More Lather Means Cleaner Hair.

It’s not true! A good shampoo doesn’t necessarily work up huge foam on your head. You should have just enough foam to help you massage your scalps quickly.

Massaging your scalp helps increase blood circulation and makes your hair follicle grow faster and healthier from your scalp.

#Salon Professional Shampoos Are Expensive.

Hair myths

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Salon professional shampoos may be more expensive than regular store-bought products. But if you keep a good eye on the deals, you can grab these highly concentrated products at your pocket-friendly price. You can ask your town’s reputed hairdressers and stylists if they stock up salon professional shampoos and conditioners at an affordable price.

# Use Conditioner Only After Shampoo.

hair myths

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Reverse the process whenever you want to add volume to your hair. Condition the tips of the strand to add shine, then rinse and follow with shampooing the roots.  It will make your locks look shinier, thick and full of life.

# Use Shampoo and Conditioner From the Same Brand.

It’s a psychological effect only. You can cocktail shampoo and conditioner from any brand depending on your hair needs. For color-treating shampoo, use volumizing conditioners; and for unruly, curly hair, use a smooth shampoo and conditioner.

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