Brief Guide to Eating Right for Healthy Hair

Eating Healthy

Do those ultra-long locks that Kim Kardashian has been flaunting lately make you jealous? Thick, long and voluminous hair is every girl’s desire. But not all of us have naturally beautiful Rapunzel-like hair; neither does every girl have the money to spend on expensive hair therapies. Well, it’s time to put aside your celeb envy and start feeding your hair the right food.

Nutrition has been scientifically proven to help your hair by influencing its thickness, growth, shedding and other related problems. Besides, healthy hair allows us to follow the latest hair trends. Here’s a list of food for healthy hair that you must include in your diet now to make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

Fish for Omega 3


Fish is the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps protect us from diseases and influences hair growth and texture. Omega 3 is also known to make hair incredibly shiny and voluminous. Salmon, sardines, and mackerel are a few varieties of fish that are known to be highly loaded with the nutrition of Omega-3. If you are vegan, you can almonds, flax seed or beans are the best vegetarian foods for healthy hair.

Spinach for Iron and Vitamin


Iron is a very important mineral for our hair health and lack of same in our body can result in excessive hair fall. Spinach is an amazing source of Iron as well as tons of other Vitamins that can make our hair healthy. You can find Vitamin A, C, Iron, beta carotene and folate in spinach, which helps make our scalp and mane healthy. If you have been battling with brittle hair, make sure you add lots and lots of spinach and other green leafy veggies to your diet.

Eggs for Protein


Our hair is made of protein and therefore we require a lot of it to keep our hair strong and healthy. Lack of protein in the diet can make your hair dry, brittle and weak. Moreover, not consuming enough protein also leads to hair fall, which is something we all dread. Egg is the richest source of healthy protein and you can both eat it and apply on your hair for beautiful, shiny locks. It is the most effective food for hair loss. Other sources of protein include poultry items like meat and chicken. Pick your favorite!

Berries for Vitamin C


Vitamin C is required by our body to build collagen, which plays a key role in hair growth and maintaining the hair strength. It also helps in absorption of Iron and keeps our strong and healthy. Berries, sweet potato, orange, kiwi, Guava etc are some food items with plenty of Vitamin C.

Whole grains for Zinc


Looking for a way to cure itchy scalp? Zinc and Selenium are important minerals that prevent hair loss, dry and flaky scalp. Cells that build hair also need zinc for better functioning. Wholegrains food is a great source of zinc along with eggs, oysters, and beef.

These are some key nutrients that you must include in your diet to effectively battle all your hair trouble. Goodbye to hair fall, breakage, dull and dry hair!

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