What Is The Trendy Caesar Haircut?

Today, I am here with the trendy haircut i.e. Caesar haircut. This haircut is not as famous as others are like slicked back and undercut haircut. But this cut is still worn by many men who want to have stylish short hair rather than boring style. Caesar haircut can be worn in professional or corporate environment as other styles like slicked back haircut are common in nature.

What is Caesar Haircut?

Caesar haircut is a short hairstyle with a fringe and the top hair is styled in a flat manner bent towards forward. This style is unlike the trendy hairstyles of 2015. In late 1990s, Caesar haircut gained immense popularity as George Clooney sported this hairstyle in a TV series which was then broadcasted in the US country. It became popular among men of 30 to 45 years of age.

Caesar haircut got its name from Emperor Julius Caesar. He used to wear Caesar haircut keeping a short fringe on the forehead and rest of the hair short and forward. It became a stylish haircut due to the fringe which hovered on the forehead but the main reason behind this was that he was bald and the idea of fringe was to hide that baldness.

As you all know that hair loss occurs with receding hairline and as it goes backwards to the crown area, scalp starts getting bald. Julius Caesar got the idea of putting a fringe on the forehead to cover his hair loss by combing in such a way. Hair styling was done in a way which conceals the baldness of Julius Caesar giving him a smart and stylish look as well. Now this is killing two birds with one stone.

Surprisingly, this haircut looks good to everyone whether it is a kid or an adult. So if you were confused about this fact, don’t worry!! Wear Caesar cut confidently in any age but make sure you have straight or wavy hair. Plus, it is highly easy to maintain due to the short hair offering you utmost convenience. This is all about the Caesar haircut. Now let’s take a look on how to get this haircut perfectly:

How to get a Caesar haircut?

Caesar haircut has two versions that are classic and modern. Classic Caesar haircut is done without a taper and modern haircut is done with a taper.

Classic Caesar Haircut

   Julius haircut was of even length on his whole head. He did not have a taper haircut which implies that it was all the same from all sides.

   Classic haircut is that in which side hair can be styled forward to get aesthetic hairstyle and even length. In this all the hair of the head has equal and even length.

Modern Caesar Haircut

   Caesar haircut can be worn in a taper way as well. The major difference lies in cutting the side and back hair shorter than the top hair. Plus, side and back hair are tapered in length as well. This haircut is the modern and latest version in Caesar haircut.

   While the most popular haircut is the modern taper haircut of Caesar style in which sides and back are tapered, it can also be given some enhancement in Undercut Haircut. This haircut gives your hair a bowl haircut appearance adding detail to the modern Caesar style. In Undercut haircut, back and sides are faded starting from high fade and reaching to low fade. The fade is done to give a taper appearance to the cut.

The Top Hair

The top hair of the head is kept 1 to 3 inches in length in both classic and modern version of Caesar haircut. The remaining hair length depends upon you as you can decide the length by yourself whichever suits you. But the recommended length is 1 to 3 inches to get smart and aesthetic look.

In the classic Caesar haircut, whatever length you choose i.e. 1 inch or 3 inches, it would be even from all the sides as it is a signature style of classic haircut. So the side hair, back hair and top hair has the same length in even manner.

In the movie Gladiator released in 2000, Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix both wore Caesar haircut.

In modern version of Caesar haircut, side hair and back hair are tapered as much as you want them to be. The taper is done with a hair clipper whether it is short cut or fast taper cut. The exclusive feature of modern Caesar haircut is that the side and back hair are shorter in length than the top hair unlike classic haircut in which all the hair length is same on all the sides.

 In 1953 movie, “Julius Caesar” another Hollywood celebrity, Marlon Brando also wore Caesar haircut in a smart look.

Any barber or dresser can give Caesar hair look as it is quite an easy cut to do. And if you think that your barber cannot do, take a picture of Caesar haircut and show it to him. This way he can cut your hair in Caesar style and you can make changes according to your likability.

If at home, use some gel or styling cream to achieve the desired look. It is so easy to maintain and carry that anyone can wear it. Plus, it is a good style for those men who don’t wish to spend a lot on hair styling. Caesar haircut is quite popular previously and with time it lost its charm. But now it is making an interesting comeback in haircut society.

So get Caesar haircut today and change your boring look to an exciting one. Stay tuned for more updates on latest hairstyles and haircuts in industry. If you want to know about latest hairstyles of 2017, read the previous article. Have a good day!!


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