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Itchy Beard? Here’s How To Deal With It.

how to stop itchy beard

Via: cdna Moving from stubble to beard because your girlfriend loves it? Maybe you are a Pogonophile and this time going to try full beard styles. But just imagine – on a romantic dinner table or at the moment when you are the cynosure of all eyes, you drive to madness by an itchy sensation in […]

6 Hottest Beard Styles for Black Men

beard styles for black men

James Harden, Idris Elba, and Drake are the black men who recently redefined the beard styles and gave confidence to all black men to embrace their facial hair. A well-groomed beard not only exudes masculinity but is one of the sexiest fashion accessories for men of all races. Beard styles for black men range widely […]

10 Worst Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

hair care tips

Via: hair-salon-hamilton You follow a self-executed hair care regime, eat healthily and avoid heat styling and chemicals as much as possible. But still got damaged, frizzy and thin hair? If you are in doubt, read here the common hair-care mistakes and make sure you are not committing any of these. If yes, follow our hair care […]

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Fall In Summers

Hair Fall

There is nothing more dreadful than watching your precious locks of hair falling on the floor each time you run a comb through them or wash them. But as the heat turns up the damaging rays of the sun starts playing havoc on our hair. Hair fall is a common problem we all face during summers. But […]

9 Expert Hair Care Tips for Men

hair care tips for men

Via: india   Your hair is your glory and crown. No matter the gender, hair is a precious accessory to both men and women. Like their female counterpart, hair grooming equally matters for males to get bouncy and approachable hair. Men face a bad hair day as just as women do. Frizzy hair, bad hair growth, greasiness, […]

5 Super-Hot Date Night Hairstyles for Men

Date night hairstyles for men

Via: nexcesscdn Going on a date this weekend? A picturesque venue, sexy double-breasted suiting, celestial fragrance, luxurious watch, polished shoes, a lovely date-night souvenir…are all set. What about your hairstyle? Probably the most noticeable thing in men, the hairstyle is the final thing you should fret about. After all, personality in inherited from your hairstyle. Here, […]

How to Deal with Beard Dandruff?

get rid of beard dandruff

  Via: gentlemansfoundry Avoiding beard just because of thwarting flakes is unfair with your personality. Don’t escape odds! After all, a man without a beard is like a lion with the mane. Read this and get a way out. Let’s starts with understanding the causes first. Dandruff’s parent – Pityrosporum ovale, the yeast found on the […]

Popular Hair Color Myths Debunked!

hair color ideas

Whether you are going for Gigi Hadid’s chocolate brown, the bubblegum pink shade of Hailey Baldwin or in between, there are lots of hair dying rules. You might have heard of things like dyeing damages, or unwashed hair takes color better than clean does. Which one to go after and which one to disregard makes […]

8 Pro Tips for Thick, Bouncy and Beautiful Hair

how to get thick hair

  Via: newsnish Skinny is a great word in the context of jeans and Margaritas. But for your hair, it’s a complete no-no. No one wants flat, limp hair – especially when styling is hell challenging for it. But the reality is, fine, thin hair happens frequently. Blame it on heredity, hormones, aging, or stress! What […]

Emma Watson’s Hairstyles Look Book

Emma Watson hairstyles

Do you remember charming Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series? It was the first time when Emma Watson hit our screens with her lovely smile, impeccable acting skills, and adorable frizzy mane. Since then we have watched her elegant transformation from a beloved child star into a fierce and intelligent young woman. Emma Watson is […]

12 Trendy Hairstyles for Men with Gray Hair

hairstyles for men with gray hair

Do you think gray hair stops you from being trendy? Then you must read it! Perhaps you are aging gracefully. Maybe the genetics Gods have blessed you with a head full of gray hair in your 20s. Whichever category you fall into, we want you to do justice to your hair and embrace the uniqueness […]