Why Celeb’s Favorite Balayage Hair is Here to Stay!

Love Jessica Alba’s luscious long and wavy balayage hair? Jealous of Olivia Wilde’s princess-like balayage locks? Then it is time you get one for yourself! This latest and hottest trend in the grooming industry is taking over celebrities look from all around the world.

The French inspired practice styles your hair naturally and effortlessly. Your colorist free-handily uses ribbons of lighter pigments, inches away from the roots to perk up your hair cut and texture.

This beauty trend of chunky highlights and hair slicing has blown girls all around the world. The good news is that this trend is going to stick around for a long time. Keep reading to fee your balayage hair fetish.

Celebs Balayage Hair Looks

Chrissy Teigen’s Classic Balayage

The model is known for her bold words on Twitter and her bold styles on the red carpet. Who can forget her classic autumnal balayage hair, styled by her colorist, Tracey Cunningham! She flaunted these breathtaking highlights at the Vogue Fashion Fund Show yesteryears.

Chrissy Teigen's Classic Balayage

Via: bobitbeauty

Ciara Inspired Balayage

The goodie girl Ciara owns not only a sweet voice but has won millions of hearts with her iconic looks on the red carpet. Her dramatic version of balayage with darker roots and champagne ends is totally a heartthrob

Ciara Inspired Balayage

Via: hbz.h-cdn

Poppy Delevingne’s Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage sounds dreamy, isn’t it? Gorgeous Poppy Delevingne’s colorist, Jack, made this dream come true for this beautiful celebrity. He blended blondes and free-hand Balayage hand-painting technique to give Poppy’s hair a sun-kissed effect. 

Poppy Delevingne's Blonde Balayage hair color

Via: condecdn

Jennifer Lawrence’s Layered Lob

Hollywood’s golden girl, Jennifer Lawrence experiments a lot with blonde shades. No doubt, she stuns in every look, but her buttery blonde and platinum blonde on her choppy, layered lob leaves people starstruck.

Jennifer Lawrence's Layered Lob

Via: mac.h-cdn

Kim Kardashian’s Balayage

Kim Kardashian changes her style every day and has introduced the latest hair styles. But, she left everyone spellbound with her midnight hair balayage session. She has darker roots and golden ends, which blends perfectly with her ultra-stylish look.

Kim Kardashian's Balayage

Via: timeincuk

Olivia Wilde Multi-Tonal Balayage Hair

It’s impossible to admit how great Olivia Wilde looks with her muti-tonal balayage look. This Hollywood beauty was meant to rock this trend. Her luscious hairstyle with brushed-out waves beautifully defines the brunette and blonde combination. With this look, she proved how to get the most of the balayage treatment.

Olivia Wilde Multi-Tonal Balayage Hair

Via: omgcolors

Sarah Hyland’s Balayage Hair

If you have short hair and thinking of balayage, then Sarah Hyland could be your ideal. The star looks no less amazing with her balayage on her short hair. She looks too charming with her gorgeous wavy strands and a small portion of locks secured at the back of the head.

Sarah Hyland's Balayage Hair

Via: omgcolors

Joans Smalls Caramel Balayage Hair

Joan Smalls’s sweet balayage headdress creates an irresistible desire to copy her look. Warm caramel balayage on her twisted strands adds charm to her dark skin complexion. The color looks so natural and flatters almost all skin complexions. If you prefer solid hues, you must adopt this trend. Make sure that you use the right brush for balayage treated hair.

Joans Smalls Caramel Balayage Hair

Via: omgcolors

And the list goes on. All A-listers wear it because it is both fashionable and cost-effective than foil highlights. It makes your hair look beautiful and healthy naturally, with stripy lines and blocky colors.

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