Why Should You Choose Boar Brush For Your Hair?

Boar bristles have been used since ages due to the benefits it has on your hair. Boar brush has the same structure as your hair and is used to put shine back in the hair. Your hair looks healthy and shiny even without any styling product.

Boar brushes were found on every dressing table in 20th century and all thanks to its capability of keeping the hair look glamorous and naturally wavy.

I have been using this brush for quite a long time now and seeing its benefits, I decided to write this article on the benefits and ways to use a boar brush.

Why should you choose boar brush?

It has the same structure as your hair so isn’t it good to comb your hair with something that has the same structure?

Synthetic bristle brushes are not good as a boar brush keeps the natural oils of your scalp distributed across each strand. Using a boar brush ensures that the oils get spread through the innermost layer of the hair rather than just staying on the top.

Bristles are hard and packed densely that beautifully removes the dirt and debris off your hair. Plus, your head gets a nice massage thus increasing the flow of blood in the whole body.

If you have light curls in your hair, boar brush is going to do wonders. My experience says that hair doesn’t break or poof out with this brush. Just a spray of water and combing with the boar brush puts back the natural curl and shine in the hair. As the bristles spread the oil evenly across each strand, it becomes easy to separate every strand of the hair perfectly.

Benefits of using a boar brush

Conditions Hair

    It is a natural conditioner because it improves the shine and texture of your hair thus making them looks healthy.

      It was used when no hair serums or conditioners existed. As it is designed like the structure of your hair, the natural hair gets spread evenly to every strand thus providing nourishment to the hair.

       The boar bristles carry a sebum that conditions the hair by coating every strand with sebum and then making the hair look dazzling and shining. Also, dry hair gets repaired flawlessly.

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Improves Hair Texture

Hair texture gets improved with the regular usage of boar hair brush. I noticed that after combing my hair with this brush maintains a natural bounce in my hair as the bad curls settle down thus looking nice wavy hair. It is the remarkable difference I have ever seen with any of the hair brushes.

Just don’t make otherwise that it changes the type of hair but yes, it definitely improves the hair texture. Bring the best out of your hair by brushing with this brush and it will add a perfect nice volume if you have straight long hair.

Reduces Frizz

Do you know what the best anti frizz serum is? It’s the sebum that is naturally in the scalp. Boar hair brush nicely lubricates each strand of the hair thus considerably reducing the frizz from your hair.

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Stimulate Scalp

    Brushing with boar brush is relaxing as it stimulates your blood flow throughout the body and makes you feel divine.

        Hair follicles get proper nourishment with regular brushing thus improving the hair growth and health.

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No Need Of Styling Products

When you have a boar brush, you don’t really need styling products. So isn’t it a time and money saver? Just include boar brush in your routine and save huge bucks that you will be spending in some salon.

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Hair looks young, fresh, shiny, softer and conditioned with boar hair brushing and you don’t have to spend even on hair conditioners or hair serums anymore.

No Need Of Frequent Head Bath

Yes, you read it right!! In ancient times, women wash their hair only once a week because there is no use of hair curlers or iron rods on the hair. So to reduce the frequency of head baths, consider using boar hair brush to maintain the natural oil of the scalp and clean hair.

Brushing doesn’t let the oil accumulate on the scalp that is the main reason of making the hair look greasy. And boar brush is a perfect alternative to this!! Using this brush can significantly reduce the washing frequency of your hair to up to 5 days and even more.

Here are the steps to use a boar brush

  • start
  • detangle
  • go from root to tip
  • take sections

 Start from the root of the hair and go till the tip. This is the most basic step of combing your hair whether it is a boar brush or any other. This way the scalp sebum will be spread evenly to the tips thus making the hair look shiny and bouncy.

I hope you get to know the benefits and method of using boar hair brush. I guess I have mentioned everything about boar brush that you need to know. So add it in your hair care routine to avail the maximum benefits out of it. Have a good day and healthy hair!!


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