Classy High Top Fade Haircuts For Men To Carry in 2018

#1 Low Fade With Side Part Shaved

This haircut creates an illusion that the hair is fading towards the ear line.

It is extremely different style for men who want to look smart yet carry a convenient cut without much maintenance.

#2 Curly Top And Side Fade

  Wear this haircut for clean look whilst showing off your manly side with thick curls on the top and fades on the sides.

  Special emphasis is laid down on curly hair with this style that looks great with perfect edges

#3 Fade Haircut

  Have you ever compared this style with the original one? You might have worn this style once in your school times and now it’s the time to carry it again but with little variation.

   This new version is all set to make you look trendy and fashionable for good. Let’s give it a try and look simple yet elegant.

#4 Curly Afro Fade Cut

   Men having curly hair can sport this hairstyle incredibly. This is a style that creates a texture on the top of the hair thus making your hair expressive.

 Carry a nice trimmed beard to make the most out of curly afro fade haircut and be the trendsetter of your smart look. Let people fall in love with your stunning looks

#5 Haircut With Natural Twist


   As the name suggests, it has twists on the sides of the head. Just fade the hair low and get some thin regions on the sides though to look smart. You can wear it daily of course.

#6 Wavy Hair Fade


   Looks just perfect on short cropped hair, it is a refreshing cut to wear in scorching summers when you just don’t feel like keeping the hair on your head.

    Cut the hair off in wave at the fade. Or to add more coolness, try waving the hair at back too. Let’s look different!

#7 Fade with beard


   Say goodbye a look of 90s with this style i.e. fade with beard. This style looks totally manly showing off the neat and attractive look though however, it is great to add some appealing scruff.

#8 Men Fade Haircut With Waves And Beard

  Relish the look of thick hair with low top fade featuring 360 waves. Your facial hair will look thicker that will beautifully show off the texture contrast.

   To carry in the offices, this haircut is clean and urbane enough to pull the attention towards you.

#9 Wave Fade


 Yet another creative hairstyle is wave fade. Very simple to do, it features a wavy fade on the sides that make you stand out from the crowd.

   Add style and dimension to your cut with this hairstyle and if you don’t like it, don’t worry as the hair will grow back on the fade in no time.

#10 Geometric Cut


   This is an ultimate cut for men that have a geometric look. It is an evergreen haircut that never goes out of sight and is usually carried by most of the men.

     Its urbane look and chic style goes well with any hair whether it is curly or straight.

#11 Real Fade


 Men of any ethnicity, religion or caste can carry this hairstyle beautifully. Look smart wearing a cut that is real fade. Thick hair men can carry this style in a better way than others.

  So let’s make a unique statement of yours and get off with the stress of your life as people will not stop adoring you.

#12 Natural Cut

An all time favourite natural haircut for black people is this cut. Don’t worry if you have longer coils and still you want to carry a smart haircut, this one is for you.

   Jazz up the party wearing this style and you also have other options to sport and look trendy.

#13 Fade With Cool Afro


 Look sexy and a little different with fade with cool afro on the top. It is a playful haircut that looks highly cool as the afro texture on the top adds a super clean back and sides.

   Let’s add WOW factor to your boring look as you don’t need to look by-the-way nows.

     I hope you enjoyed reading the article that I wrote for you all so that you can get to know about the latest fade haircuts in the town. These styles look good always and you just have to carry them with confidence. So go to a salon or barber to get your hair cut in any of the above mentioned styles.


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