Gorgeous Five Minute Hairstyles to Save You Some Snooze Time

Easy Hairstyles

Well, let’s get real! Every morning, the snooze button of our alarm gets more priority over few minutes of primping!

We all know what it is like to get out of bed post-snooze and get ready for the routine. But, guess what the good news is? You can have that little extra sleep and still have your mane in control!

Styling hair doesn’t always have to be time-consuming. Forget all the complicated French braids, waterfall style, fishtails, and have your hands on these simple yet stylish insanely cute hairdos!

  1. The Double Volume Pony

Five minute haistyles
Photo from http://www.byrdie.co.uk

Tying your long locks into a ponytail is the easiest hairstyle, which you can pull off on a lazy morning.

But, now you can make your ponytails twice as long, twice as thick with this Double Volume Pony hairstyle. This is how you can ace this hairstyle in just a matter of five minutes.

Simply pull your hair above the ears in a half ponytail by leaving the rest of locks loose below. Now, put the rest of your hairs into a pony below the first one. Comb it backward and fluff up both the ponytails in one band. And, you’re ready!

  1. Side Twist Bun

Five minute hairstyles
Photo from hairromance.com

This hairstyle is best for those mornings when you are running late for work, and you are not able to spare enough time to dry your hair properly.

Create a side twist bun by making a deep side part on the right and then pulling the hair into a rope twist from your part line. Now twist both the sections together and keep adding the sections from the hairline.

Combine the twist to make a ponytail and at last, twist your pony tail to form a stylish side bun.

Try this hairstyle with these shades and keep it sleek, formal or messy! Just as you like it.

  1. Pinned-Up Hairdo

Easy hairtyles
Photo from: pinterest.com

Nail this look in just two minutes!

All you need is few bobby pins, a bit of texturizing spray, and this whimsical hairstyle is all yours!

Criss-Cross two strands of hair and add cute accessories or pins at one side. From all the angles, this superb hairdo screams style and elegance! Try this cute hairdo with the ombre hair and steal the show with the minimalistic effort!

  1. Twisted Hairdo for Short Hair

Easy hairstyles

Well, here we have a perfect hairstyle for this spring!

All you need is to pull back your mane into a twisted hairdo with a band, which will prevent the hairs from coming on your face; and will also go with all the outfits.

Simply put the elastic band on the crown area and roll the length of hair by twisting it up. As simple as that!

Now, keep tucking your hair into headband until secure. Tuck the sides inside and you’re done! Pretty easy? Right?

Have a look at all these five minute and bobby pin hairstyles, which will make you ditch the messy topknots and pullback ponytails. After all, the spring is here and you all deserve to feel as fresh and beautiful as the season.


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