Grooming Inspiration for Men from Oscars 2017

Chris Evans

When it comes to Oscars, you wouldn’t find male celebrities making headlines until and unless they are the ones holding the award, nominees or presenters. Male Brethrens are often overshadowed with the sparkling diamonds and flattering gowns the gorgeous Hollywood divas flaunt on the red carpet.

But not anymore! This post is dedicated to our male readers looking for some grooming inspiration to step up their style game this season. We’ve navigated the red carpet for you and here’s a list of the most handsome looks from Oscars 2017. Take a look!


  1. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Oscars 2017

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Justin Timberlake has had a wild hair evolution from his trademark curls from his time as a boy band heartthrob to his impending fedora phase. Just like we have loved and embraced all his looks, we are ready to welcome his latest haircut with open arms. The star was seen sporting the classic military hight and tight hairstyle with a full beard. His overall look was sharp and refined, definitely worth taking inspiration from.

  1. Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck Oscars 2017

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The idea of a formal beard may sound foreign to you but when you see Ben Affleck’s 5 o’clock stubble, it’ll surely change your mind. The actor’s beard stood out and we would love to get some grooming tips to achieve that amazing look.

  1. George Clooney

George Clooney Oscars 2017

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If there’s one guy killing the whole salt-and-pepper look, it’s undeniably George Clooney. We guess that’s what aging gracefully looks like. His entire look was so distinct and stylistic, that we’ll proudly give him the best gray hairstyle for men award.

  1. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Oscars 2017

Image Via: hellomagazine

Ryan Gosling’s stubble accompanied with his suave hairdo got a nod from every style guru and fashion critic in the industry. He unquestionably dominated the beard trend on the red carpet and the ladies in the audience couldn’t stop drooling.

  1. Suraj Sharma 

Suraj Sharma Oscar 2017

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Remember the emancipated and unshowered kid from Life of Pi? Well, it’s time to change that image as Suraj Sharma has undergone a drastic transformation that we all love. The actor was spotted on the red carpet sporting a super-slicked hairstyle and had never looked better. If you too have long wavy locks and often struggle taming them, take inspiration from him and we promise it’ll work.

  1. Chris Evans

Chris Evans Oscar 2017

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When it comes to establishing a balance between maintained and manicured facial hair, Chris Evans Oscar 2017 beard is the one you should look up too. Neither overly-trimmed nor unruly Chris found the perfect middle ground and left us to envy his perfect beard.  He finished off the look with a slicked part, which we think was a very wise move.

  1. Dev Patel

Dev Patel Oscars 2017

Image Via: popcrush

If there’s someone on Earth who can effortlessly ace the whole unkempt look, it’s undeniably Dev Patel. He managed to play his luscious long hair card pretty well on the red carpet and gave us some serious hair goals.

These were the best men hairstyles and beard looks from the Oscars 2017. Now, take a hard look at each one of them and gather as much inspiration as possible before your next salon visit.

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