Styling Foam: Is this a styling product that your hair needs?

Hair Styling

Tired of battling frizzies and dry hair? Have dull hair that makes styling more like a struggle? Have you already tried a ton of hair styling products only to fail in actually taming those frazzled locks? Well, we have some good news. We recently discovered that “mousse,” which has been stylists’ favorite for a long time has reinvented itself, only to help us get rid of all our hair styling woes. Whether you have thin, straight hair or curly, wavy hair; Styling Foam is one product that you must have in your arsenal. Need to know why? Read on.

It’s versatile

Hair Styling

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Styling foam is one of those products that might give you the impression that it is basically meant for curly hair, but it isn’t. Like we said, from thin and straight hair to big and curly locks, styling foam is for everyone.

Styling foams are whipped and lightweight in texture so instead of weighing your hair down, it just adds more volume and shine to them. Even if you have really thin and pin-straight hair, don’t worry, styling foam will only make your hair look fuller and bountiful. It won’t alter your hair but defines them.

It helps fight non-hair friendly conditions

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We spend hours styling our hair with the help of several tools and products, but the minute we spend outside in a hot and humid environment, all our efforts are reduced to crunchy manes that look dull and lifeless. Styling foam is a foolproof product that helps fight humidity and other weather conditions that ruin a perfect hair day. Its consistency is such that it always guarantees volume, definition and hold.

It helps protect your hair

Our hair regularly gets abused, sometimes by hot styling tools and sometimes by harsh weather. Styling foam ensures that the heat damage from styling is minimized so that you can have healthy and gorgeous hair at the same time. Just apply styling foam before using that hot iron on your hair, and it will prevent heat damage while adding a defined luster to your hair. So using styling foam before blow drying or straightening is one hair care tip, you should always keep in mind.

It works will all textures

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Styling foam can help define your look, irrespective of your hair type and texture. If your natural hair is wavy and dry, styling foam will render more shine to your hair and make it easy to tame them in a lovely ponytail or a beautiful bun. No matter what your actual hair texture is or how you plan on treating your locks, styling foam will effortlessly polish your mane and add some celebrity-worthy volume to your hair style.

It’s easy to use


Hair styling foam is a real blessing with all its amazing benefits, plus it’s unbelievably easy to use.  It starts as a liquid and can be easily distributed throughout the hair. Since it is not sticky or heavy, you can take an egg-sized dab on your hand and run your hands through your hair while covering all ends.  Voila! It’s done.

Styling foam is a must-have product for all hair types. It will amplify your hair and give volume if you have straight hair and will provide a light hold if you have curly manes. So, don’t wait and get one for yourself toady!

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