Homemade Remedies for Shiny Locks

“Having shine means hair is healthy,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, co-director of the WIDLS, Washington, D.C.

If the smooth and radiant tresses of celebrities make you drool, you don’t need to hit the salon this time. Also, don’t forget the knock-on effects of chemicals and big bucks you spend on the high-end products and treatments.

The key to your shiny hair lies at your home and under budget products.

Yes, it’s time to bid goodbye to salons and embrace Mother Nature for shiny and luscious looking locks, which are healthy from within.

Home Remedies For Shiny Hair

  • Lemon Rinse

Home remedies for shiny hair

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Build-up from hair care and styling products is the real culprit behind dull hair. Citric properties, astringent, and toning qualities of lemon removes the pollutant build-up in the hair and makes them soft and shiny. Also, acidity in this tangy fruit flattens the cuticles, cures the itchy scalp and eliminates frizz.


Lemon and warm water.


Dilute lemon juice with half quantity of distilled water and mix it well. Pour the rinse on your scalp and strands after shampooing. Gently massage for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

  • Honey Mask

honey hair mask

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Honey is a natural humectant that attracts moisture. It’s packed with uncountable nutrients and antioxidants that feed hair follicles and restore dry and dull hair to healthy and shiny tresses.


Organic honey and 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


Mix both ingredients well and apply on damp hair. You can use hair brush or comb to distribute the ingredients evenly. Wrap a shower cap and let the mixture stay overnight. Rinse off the mixture in the morning.

  • Vodka Hair Rinse

home remedies for shiny hair

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Vodka is a popular antiseptic drink that works fantastically for restoring natural shine of your hair. It strengthens the hair follicles and maintains scalps’ pH levels with its astringent properties.


Vodka and any regular shampoo


Pour the ingredients in a shampoo dispenser and shake it well. Then wash your hair normally with this vodka shampoo mixture. You can do this every time you wash your hair.

  • Egg Hair Mask

home remedies for shiny hairhome remedies for shiny hair

Egg-hair-maskhome remedies for shiny hairhome remedies for shiny hair


Our hair is made up of protein cells, and egg is abundant with proteins and essential vitamins. Using egg mask nourishes your scalp deeply and improves the texture and shine of your hair instantly.


Egg yolk and one tablespoon almond oil


Mix all ingredients and make a thick paste. Coat this mixture evenly on your hair strands and let the mask sit for 2-3 hours. Wash it out with a hydrating shampoo.

  • Vitamin C Tablets Hair Pack

Vitamin C for shiny hair

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Vitamin C helps to build hair collagen, which is crucial for healthy hair growth. It helps hair in absorbing iron and keeps our locks gleaming and smooth.


Vitamin C tablets and coconut oil or olive oil


Crush the tablets into fine powder and mix with the oil to make a paste. Apply the pack on your scalp and strands evenly. Keep it for 1-2 hours before rinsing it off with a shampoo and conditioner as usually.


The specific quantity of these ingredients depends on your hair length. For expected results, use these remedies 3-4 times a month.

These remedies are easy and simple to follow, to get unexpected and exemplary results for your hair. Whether you have dry ends or itchy scalp, these remedies work as a whole and will rejuvenate your follicles from within. Get ready to rock your shiny locks all day long!

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