How To Grow Your Hair Faster After A Bad haircut?

how to fix a bad haircut

how to fix a bad haircut

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This is what happened: you got into the hairdresser chair for a sassy haircut that you’ve been drooling over since months. When the hairdresser is done, you stare into the mirror just to regret your decision. Oh my god! You have a bad haircut.

First things first! Don’t panic. Even A-lister celebrities also shed tears on bad haircuts. American Actress and Model, Cameron Diaz said she burst into tears on an accidental short haircut when she just wanted a trim.

But don’t cry or assault your hairdresser. It’s time to think how to fix a bad haircut. Unfortunately, growing your hair after a bad haircut is not an overnight task. However, you can speed up the process of hair growth all in the following natural ways.

Ways to Grow Your Hair Naturally After A Bad Haircut

Pay Attention To Your Diet

how to fix a bad haircut

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Healthy eating is huge for growing hair fast. Switch to edibles that are rich in vitamin D and niacin. Your food should also contain minerals, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin C to allow an improved and healthy hair growth. Follow an expert’s guide to ear right for healthy hair.

Lay Off Heat Styling

how to fix a bad haircut

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Heat styling is the only fixation to style your hair in any form for any occasion. But using heat frequently on your strands makes it thin, frizzy, dry and easily breakable. Heat styling is a big no when you are committed to fast hair growth after a bad haircut.

Avoid UV Rays

how to fix a bad haircut

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UV rays cause protein loss and destroy the protective layer of hair shafts. UV rays in sweltering summer oxidize and degrade the disulphide bonds and reduce cystine content that causes brittleness, dryness, and hair thinning.

The best way to protect your hair from the sun harm is to wear hats more often and avoid sunlight as much as possible.

Use Lavender Hair Oil

how to fix a bad haircut

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Sweet smelling lavender is not only for room freshening. But the mild and soothing lavender oil can be used to promote hair growth regardless of scalp type.

Massaging scalp with lavender oil moisturizes hair shafts deeply and balances sebum production. A study shows that 5% concentration of lavender with other essential oil like coconut oil and olive oil makes an ultimate solution for promoting healthy hair growth.

Use Eclipta Alba

how to fix a bad haircut

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Eclipta Alba has been practiced for 5000 years by Indian physicians for hair growth. The leaves of this magical herb are loaded with essential antihepatotoxin chemicals and several ecliptines, stigmasterol and ursolic acid. Eclipta Alba induces hair to grow faster as in enters into the anagen phase, which is a stage where hair resumes regrowth.

Turn Down The Chemicals

how to fix a bad haircut

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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals until your hair grows to the desired length. For gray hair, you can try natural ingredients. But avoid chemical treatments altogether as these are sure to interrupt hair growth.

Polygonum Multiflorum Hair Mask

how to fix a bad haircut

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You don’t need to pronounce the name! Just know that this ancient Chinese remedy allows fast hair growth after a bad haircut. It also turns your hair to a darker shade.

Have you ever got a bad haircut? How did you fix it? Share with us below.

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