The Best Smart And Handsome Men Hairstyles in 2018

Summers are approaching and soon scorching heat will be all set to give you burning sensations. And in all this, what irritates us most is our hair. Frankly, in summers, I just feel like getting my hair chopped so as to be miles away from that annoyance. It’s almost the time when you must really think of shedding your long hair and wear a fresh hairstyle with sexy sunglasses.

Because I can wear shorts, skirts and can carry sexy haircut, summers are my favorite season. Today’s article will show you the most popular and collective haircuts that can be spotted by anyone due to the peculiar touches and redefined versions. What I like in these haircuts is that I can rock them smartly without freezing my body off in those stupid winters.

No matter what your hair length or type is, you can easily pull off these haircuts. Let me walk you through the renowned and popular hairstyles of 2017 covering almost every haircut from redefined fringes to textured curls to fade haircut. These hairstyles will be the inspiration for many others as they are the best companion for your summer looks.

Fifties Slick

Fifties slick hair trend has been associated with the design houses like Lanvin, Brioni and Louis Vuitton. Is it that hard to throw on fifties slick hair trend? Absolutely not!! To pay tribute to this style, all you need is a hair gel or a mousse that simply adds shine and sleekness to your dry and dull hair.

Add parting or keep it simple, it’s your choice on whether you want to wear slicked back look or edgy and voluminous look. Plus, to add texture, you need to comb the hair without applying too much pressure.

Revived Pompadours

As the name suggests, pompadours are being renewed with more textured form. Where the older version of pompadour is getting extinct, the newer interpretations are making their way to become a new trend. Keep the top hair longer for voluminous look and side hair intensely short. The top will give more edgy look due to the long hair. To add a better proportion all over the head, add dimension with some strategy to work for curly hair. For straight hair, men can do side swept pompadour to compliment their natural hair.

Modernized Side Parts

This hairstyle can be yoked up by men with all hair types. Just apply a good quality mousse and take out your dryer to blow dry the hair locks. To put on the reinvented version of this haircut, play around with different hair partings. Just keep things interesting and customized according to your own taste and style.

Redefined Fringes

Fringes are most liked by men in spring. One fringe style is refined and sleek blow-dried and other one focuses on dimension and texture. For those having longer locks and straighter hair, redefined fringes hair style is just perfect. Hair mousse or pomade is like a magic to give nice look to the fringes thus giving more control in adopting this trend.

Textured Curls

An ideal haircut for those having wavy or curly hair, it’s a lovely hairstyle however. Get inspired by the voluminous version of this trend and try interpreting what type of curls you have. If you have curly hair, go for pomade as it adds distinction and having wavy hair demands for matte hair mousse to add natural bounce.

Wet Look Hairstyle

One of the amazing and easy to maintain hairstyles is wet look hairstyle. Women also carry this hairstyle but it looks better on men rather. It is a style for medium or long hair offering sleek and clean look. If you have thick hair, then that’s a plus. Wear this hairstyle by simply combing your hair back using some hair styling products. And add some shine, that’s it. Wow, looks amazing.

Top Knot Hairstyle

Men having long beard and hair can wear top knot hairstyle. Now you must be thinking that what the purpose of beard in hairstyle is? Okay, let me explain you. Beard gives masculine look and this style looks best with long hair only because of beard. If you don’t have beard and only long hair, then maybe you will look like an idiot. Yeah, trust me!! You might have observed that today many celebrities have been seen spotting this hairstyle with confidence. At first, it may look weird but it is trending. Get ready to rock this hairstyle if you have been gifted with long hair. Tie a top knot today and look trendy. Now long hair is no more annoying especially in summers.

Side Swept Undercut

Undercut need to be styled neatly as the top is longer. It is the stylish undercut hairstyles this season i.e. 2016. What you need to do is go to the salon and ask your stylist for shaved side parts or intensely short hair whilst keeping the top in longer form. And here it is!!

Medium Shaggy

One of the trending hairstyles in youngsters is medium shaggy cut. If you want to wear this, start growing your hair out. Having medium length hair? Great… You can carry shaggy hairstyle perfectly and can also add layers for more defined look.

Classy Side Combed

It is a formal hairstyle guys. To draw the attention of all beautiful ladies, carry this style with confidence on special occasions. I bet you will be successful in capturing many hearts. Hair styling products are required to add shine and texture to this hairstyle. Avoid applying hair gel excessively as it gives thin hair look and if you already have thin hair, then stay away from gel indeed.

Fade Haircut with Quiff

Last on my list is fade haircut with quiff. As the name suggests, it is a faded hairstyle that keeps the hair long in center and intensely short on sides and back. Plus, it’s a clean and tidy cut that is combined with your facial hair to get spectacular look.

Get set go!! Pick any hairstyle and rock it in 2018… Happy styling!!


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