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Hоw Tо Kеер Yоur Hаіr Sаfе Frоm Fаdіng

Fоr ѕіx уеаrѕ ѕtrаіght I’vе bееn dуіng mу hаіr unnаturаl соlоrѕ. Durіng thіѕ tіmе I’vе wrіttеn а twо dіffеrеnt guіdеѕ tо unnаturаl hаіr соlоrѕ аnd wіthіn mоnthѕ еасh hаѕ fеlt а bіt оutdаtеd fоr оnе rеаѕоn оr аnоthеr. Mу mоѕt rесеnt ѕеt оf роѕtѕ оn thе ѕubјесt wаѕ рublіѕhеd bасk іn 2011. In аll hоnеѕtу, tо […]

How To Cure Your Itchy Scalp

Do you feel like there is nothing out there that could possibly help your scalp that is constantly itchy? It’s no secret that everyone suffers from itchy/dry scalp at some point in their lives. You may deal with it every day! There are so many reasons you could suffer a dry/itchy scalp: dandruff, weather changes, […]

How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Having thick and healthy hair has been seen as a symbol of youth and vitality across cultures for thousands of years and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Most men want thick and sexy hair that stays with them through their lifetime yet most men don’t pay enough attention to their hair and many […]

How To Trim Nose Hair – 3 Methods

Do you know why there are hairs in nose? Well, they are for a reason. Nose hairs are there because they are our body’s part and holds major significance in the immune system. Hairs trap outside pollution, dust, dirt, harmful bacteria, and toxins etc. and stop them from going inside the body. Two types of […]

How To Make Taper Fade Haircut

In modern world, a lot of hairstyles have made their way to give a smart look to men. Some old styles are there and some new have been added this year also. They are quite popular and gaining the attention of men due to the smart look they owe. This year, pompadour is the most […]

What Is The Trendy Caesar Haircut?

Today, I am here with the trendy haircut i.e. Caesar haircut. This haircut is not as famous as others are like slicked back and undercut haircut. But this cut is still worn by many men who want to have stylish short hair rather than boring style. Caesar haircut can be worn in professional or corporate […]

Best Aspects About Great Hair Care

Do you want to look stylish and smart every time? But you don’t have enough time to manage your looks. It’s quite a common issue with today’s generation. Smartness comes with nice hairstyles and haircuts no matter what you are i.e. a student, a working professional or a busy parent. All thanks to the low […]