Pixie Cut Hairstyles Look Hotter – These Celebrities Prove It!

Pixie cut hairstyles

Pixie cut hairstyles

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All women with short hair…you’re at the right place! This post brings you some amazing pixie cut hairstyles worn by the all-time-best celebrities.

Bringing you to the extreme femininity, these pixies feature the most daring and hip styles that will certainly put all long hairstyles to shame.

Modern pixie hairstyles are not limited to 1960s boyish ‘dos. Instead, it can be a slicked back, funky Faux Hawks or tousled hairstyle on short or curly hair. And know the best thing – pixies are cute, manageable and appropriate for any hair type and suit face shape.

Look at this celebrity guide to trendy short pixie haircuts and pick a hotter version that you think will refresh your look this season.

Celebrities Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Taís Araújo’s Angled Bangs

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Pixie cut hairstyle on short hair looks so adorable if worn like Brazilian sensation Taís Araújo’s. Her signature angled and piece-y pixie bangs are separated and lying on her forehead. Make sure your stylist give you thin hair bangs if you have thick hair to achieve the same gorgeous effect.

Angela Bassett’s Spiky Texture

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Notice Angela Bassett’s feathery baby hairs on her forehead? Her cute baby hairs keep this punk-style pixie from looking too masculine. It makes a great hairstyle for the badass girls.

The back and sides are tapered into the head, and top hair is jagged cut to achieve the height and texture making it an awesome hairstyle for short hair and to compliment a round face. Regular trims are mandatory for this style. Wear it high or flat on your choice.

Evan Rachel Wood’s Retro Flip

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Retro hairstyles are back again! The curled up and then flipped back pixie haircut makes Evan Rachel Wood look like a flapper and at the same time appealing to modern-day girls. This cut allows keeping your long backs away from your face when you’re growing them out.


Kristen Stewart’s Peroxide Pixie

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Kristen Stewart is wearing shorter and shorter hairstyles these days. Stewart’s Peroxide pixie is so good and tops all her previous looks. She wore it slicked-back and galled down making her look bolder with new cut and color.

Sami Gayle’s DIY Cut

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Blue Blood fame star Sami Gayle achieved this beautiful short pixie cut at home. Yes, it was a DIY! Her uneven side swept bangs made her sharp cuts look sweeter as she arrived at the BCBG Fall 2013 show. If you don’t want a bob for your short hair, go for Sami Gayle’s cool DIY pixie cut.

Elsa Pataky’s Subtle Swoop

Pixie cut hairstyles

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The blonde beauty, Elsa Pataky grew out her bangs little longer to achieve this bold deep-parted look. Her hair sweeping across her eye-line make the style statement of this pixie cut.

Taylor Hill’s Pixie Cut

Pixie cut hairstyles

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You might have noticed this picture on Taylor Hill’s Instagram profile. She just dropped a bombshell on her follower by posting her fabulous new look in the pixie cut. It’s a great style if you don’t want to chop your hair too short.

Miley Cyrus’s Shorn Sides

Pixie cut hairstyles

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Miley Cyrus’s short and boyish pixie cut must be the next choice for tomboy look. She got the sides of her head shaved off to achieve this extra cool hair dimension.

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