Popular Hair Color Myths Debunked!

hair color ideas

Whether you are going for Gigi Hadid’s chocolate brown, the bubblegum pink shade of Hailey Baldwin or in between, there are lots of hair dying rules. You might have heard of things like dyeing damages, or unwashed hair takes color better than clean does. Which one to go after and which one to disregard makes you all of a doodah about hair colors.

But don’t believe the whole thing you hear! To lend you a helping hand, this post puts together the most popular myths and the truth straight from the hair experts. Let’s read on to buck up your eagerness to get your favorite hair color.


Hair Color Ideas

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Myth #1 Unwashed Hair Takes Color Better than Cleaned.

Hair dyes from top brands like L’Oreal are very gentle and non-oxidative, give ample color to cleaned hair as well.  Hair washing just before hair coloring is not suggested because dying on dirty hair protects from irritants on your scalp.

For highlights and blondes, salons mix the dye with bleach in it. Bleach removes any product on your hair so that you can get blonde shades and highlights on your hair even unwashed for a few weeks.

Myth #2 Hair Dye is Deadly Damaging.

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damaged-hairA good quality Semi-permanent color or gloss never damages your hair. It conditions and make your hair healthy. However, permanent color breaks the natural protein structure of your hair. So make sure that your therapist does not overlap the color to minimize the damage. You can get a conditioning treatment right before dying to build the protein structure back up.

Be careful when highlighting your hair. This is because highlights weaken the hair by about 20%. Make sure that you deep condition your hair weekly at home.

Myth #3 It’s Okay to Style Colored Hair.

hair color ideas

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Blow drying, straightening, curling or giving other heat treatments to your hair melts its core protein structure. Does that mean no styling ever? Well, with a little care, you can style your colored hair anyhow. You never throw potatoes in a frying pan without oil. Same goes for putting pre-styling treatments. Just apply a heat protectant beforehand to protect the hair follicles.

Myth #4 Expensive Color Care Products do nothing.  


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Yes, these products are a bit expensive but are definitely worth. These shampoos and conditioners don’t strip the hair color and need not pay visits to the salon for having color redone.

Your hair is made up of keratin protein and moisture, and hair dyes are a negative charge on them. Protein in these hair care products fixes the broken protein bonds and revives vanished fiber.

Myth #5 Never get Hair Color While on Your Period.

hair color ideas

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hair color ideasAnother popular myth on Internet message boards! There is no evidence of this phenomenon at all. Hormonal changes certainly affect your hair, which may, in turn, affect how it takes to being tinted. Otherwise, it’s not true.hair color ideas

Myth #6 Never Wash your Head Before 24 hours of Coloring. 

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Washing your treated hair before 24 hours can wipe out some toners, glosses, and tints applied during therapy. Washing your hair within 24 hours is not recommended because color needs some time to adjust.




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