How To Sharpen Clipper Blades – Tips And Tricks

Hair clippers have to be sharp in order to work properly. With time, blades of the clipper get dull and don’t cut the hair perfectly. Most of the clippers have auto sharpening feature that itself keep the blades sharp.

But it doesn’t mean that they don’t wear out. You have to clean and oil them regularly to keep them working fine whenever you need them. Sharpen your clipper blades so that they don’t cut hair unevenly or snag the hair.

First of all, clean the blades to remove dust, dirt and hair from it and then sharpen them. This way the blades will be sharpened correctly.

Clean Hair Clippers

Check the screws with which the blades are attached to the clipper and then unscrew them. Usually, two screws are there near the blade that you have to remove. After unscrewing, detach the blade from the clipper.

If at times the bottom blade doesn’t come out, pull it out with tweezers.

While unscrewing, make sure to see how they are attached or else you will find problem in attaching the blade again after cleaning. It will help you in reassembling the blades easily.

  • Use a brush to clean the blade for hair or dirt. It will help in sharpening easier. You can use a toothbrush or steel wool for the cleaning of hair that gets stuck inside the blades.
  • Soak the blade in a cleaning solution for few minutes. Take a cotton ball and dip in the solution. Clean the blade with this dipped cotton to remove rust from the blade.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is a good cleaning agent and most successful for blade cleaning. Always check that it must have 90% alcohol as lesser amount of alcohol may not work properly.
  • Take a clean towel and clean the blades thoroughly and let it dry. Doing this will remove the debris or hair from the blade and if you feel that it has not been cleaned properly, dip it in the solution again. If still the rust doesn’t get off, replace the blades.

Now, check the blades if they work. In some cases, cleaning do the deal so you don’t have to go ahead with the sharpening. Reassemble the screws and let the clipper work for some time. Check if it is working fine by trying it on the hairs. If the clipper doesn’t snag hair anymore, then you don’t need to sharpen it separately. And if it doesn’t work fine, go ahead to the next section. Read on…

Sharpen The Clippers

Take a magnet holder to place the blade on it without cutting your fingers or dropping the blade over and again. Using a magnet is easy to hold the blade properly. You must use a flat magnet that is strong to hold the blade for sharpening. Follow the sharpening process slowly or else the blade will fall down again and again thus nicking you.

You need to sharpen both the blades, here’s how:

  • Run the blade over a honing stone to sharpen it. These stones are also called whetstones and are easily available at any hardware or home improvement shop.
  • Place the blade at an angle of 30-45 degrees and use 4000 grit surface. Now move the blade in forward direction only over the stone for around 10 times slowly unless you don’t see the blade looks shiny. Take a dry towel and wipe off metal powder from the stone.
  • Repeat the process once again for the other edge of the blade.

     If the clippers you are using have a ceramic blade, you need a diamond sharpening stone. Before buying, make sure that which blade you want to sharpen. Buy diamond sharpening stone and don’t get confused with stones to sharpen ceramic.

          You can also use a honing stone of 8000 grit to get an even and shiny blade. This stone will make the blade sharper with fine edges. Repeat the same moving process for 10 times and wipe the blade with a towel.


Now, it’s the time to reassemble the clippers back by screwing the screws. Make sure that the blade faces the same direction as they were before unscrewing. Tightly screw in the blades so that they don’t get loose or cut your skin.


           You don’t need to sharpen the blades all over again after every use. Using the blade for 2-3 times may make the blades dull so apply oil on the blades when they have been sharpened.

             Applying oil on the blades keep them away from overheating. Never use heavy oils, use penetrating oils instead on the blades. Heavy oils clog the blades.

Now turn on the clippers and check them if it is working fine or not. Try it on hairs and you will see a huge difference now. It’s suggested to let the blades rub together for a couple of minutes after turning on the clipper. You will now have a sharper and easier to use blade than before.

Hope you understand the sharpening process of hair clippers. Here are some tips and warnings that you need to follow while sharpening the blade:


  • Too many sharpening devices are available in the market where honing stone is a good pick for home use. But if you have to sharpen the blades quite often, you must try some options for a better experience.
  • If you find it difficult to sharpen the blades, ask from some commercial sharpening service in your area. Or you can send the blades to the manufacturer if there is an option.
  • Ceramic blades are brittle so break easily if used on thick hair. Also, they don’t need much sharpening as compared to other blades.


  • Avoid using clipper for animal hair as it will wear out faster in this case.
  • Use caution while screwing the blades back again as it can cut your fingers because the blades have been sharpened

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