Things You Should Do To Deal Static Hair

how to get rid of static in hair

how to get rid of static in hair

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Static hair can drive anyone insane. Making a gorgeous hairstyle, and then noticing stubborn static hair and making useless efforts to fix them feels so maddening.

Humidity, central heating, chemicals, over-styling, poor brushing…whatever the reason, static hair looks eerie. Also known as flyaway, static hair occurs when negatively-charged electrons fill your strands with a positive charge and make them resist each other.

Flyaway is enough to ruin your entire look, leaving you with one option – wearing a hat and renouncing your favorite hairstyles forever.

How to get rid of static hair?

But there is hope. You must follow this guide for making static or frizzy hair a thing of the past.

Use Dryer Sheets

how to get rid of static in hair

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You know the dryer sheets you mom puts in the dryer during laundry? These sheets can work amazingly for keeping your charged hair at bay. Static electricity from your brushes, hats, blanket, etc. may cause instant flyaway. Do the following to eliminate this charge from your hair:

  • Line your brush drawers with dryer sheets.
  • Smooth down your static hair with rubbing these sheets when the situation gets out of control.
  • Align your hat with dryer sheets using safety pins to avoid charging.
  • Insert dryer sheets into your pillows.
  • Clean your brushes, hair accessory, and comb with dryer sheets to remove any static charge from them.

More Moisture

how to get rid of static in hair

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More moisture means less static. Whether you get flyaway due to cold winter or dry skin conditions, conditioner is a must. Remember 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners may work in winter, but not for taming the flyaway in the cold winter.

Hairspray or Leave-In Serum

Hairspray and leave-in serum not only help with static charge but also keeps your hairstyles in place for longer. Try spraying the product on your hairbrush to eliminate the static charge.

But don’t use the hairspray or serum excessively as it may worsen the situation. This is because hairsprays are loaded with alcohol that can dry out your hair and make static go even beyond your control. Use a good quality spray and leave-in serum.

Avoid Rubber Soles

how to get rid of static in hair

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It’s surprising but true! Our feet also have something to do with your static hair. Rubber accumulates electronic charge and passes it through your body that ends up released through the hair. It makes your hair stand on end and looks awkward. If no other method works, then replace your rubber soled shoes with leather sole.

Use Moisturizing Lotions

If you are in a hurry and have a static attack, cream in your purse will be a quick fix. Apply some hand moisturizer lightly on the ends of standing hair. Don’t put the cream in roots, as you don’t want a greasy scalp.

Say No To Plastic Combs

how to get rid of static in hair

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Being a non-conductive substance, plastic does not make great combs and brushes. Rather use wooden, metal or rubber hair accessories including combs, brushes and hair clips also.

They are expensive but worth it. They distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair, making them shinier and reduce the static charge.

Hot Oil Treatment

how to get rid of static in hair

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Nothing works great for hair than a regular hot oil hair massage. Besides neutralizing the static charge, it offers almost all hair care benefits for a dry scalp.

Clothing Natural

how to get rid of static in hair

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Unnatural clothing material especially nylon and polyester also charge up your hair s





tatically. Try cotton, wool and silk clothing to reduce the amount of static charge.

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