What is the best barber clipper?

Everyone needs beauty and grooming services and haircut is at the list’s top. For this reason, barbers need to make cutting easier for them and to bring comfort for clients.

If you are skilled like me, you can cut your own or kids hair at home but they need one of the best barber clippers. No need to make frequent visits to salons now.

These professionally designed clippers are equally useful for the barbers and the general public. A wide range of barber clippers are available on the market. But, make sure you are not wasting your time and money and always do exhaustive research to get the potent one under your finances.

Looking forward to save money by cutting hair yourself? Want to be a professional and trendy barber? In either case, you need a remarkable hair clipper to get smoothness and excellence in your work. As market is filled with hundreds of haircutting items, people specifically the novice shoppers get confuse to select the right tool for them.

I am here with reviews of some highly proficient and built to last clippers usually found in barbershops across the globe.

Top 3 best brand barber clippers

Online portals or step-in shops, there is no lack of variety for the branded clippers. High quality, toughness, long-life, easy maintenance and use are the features you will surely get from any of the clippers launched by Wahl, Oster and Andis.

These are the definitive part of the world renowned and the best professional hair clippers list.

  1. Wahl is continually evolving for the comfort, precision, high-quality and durability.
  2. Oster is supplying high quality professional tools for grooming and styling people for 100+ years
  3. Andis is the mainstay of beauty salons worldwide. It is one of the leading and the oldest producers of quality hair styling products.

These three brands are the most reliable, durable, enduring and economical. I have personally used products from all the three marques and I never regret on my decision. Whenever, I need to have hair clipper or trimmer, I prefer them over all others. They give what they claim.

Top 3 Wahl Barber Clippers Reviews

Users reviews are the best way to judge which hair cutting tool will suits you and your pocket in the most favorable way.  Keep my recommendation with you, at all times search for the high end barber hair clippers and do extensive homework prior to finalize any for the purchase.

Let’s take a start and check out the top rated Wahl hair clippers.

1. Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

Now you can perform the quality haircuts at your home with Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit.

Incorporating20 pieces, this Wahl color pro kit is ideal not only for head but for the total body grooming.

The prime thing making me love this clipper is it’s perfectly comfort grip providing the ease of relaxed handling.

Editor Rating:

Quite cheap in price but can do wonders because it comes with the complete set of color coded guide combs, mc clipper, barber comb, styling comb, scissors etc. in accessories, you will also get a cleaning brush, blade oil and above all a styling guide.

Backed with 5 years warranty, this kit also incorporates Self-Sharpening Precision Ground Blades along with Adjustable taper lever.

2. Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

This easy-to-use product is designed not only for home-use but it also caters to fulfill the unique needs of a wide variety of customers including barbers and sports persons etc.

It is a full body grooming kit for and you would also like having it in your reach.

With all this in mind, Wahl added every imaginably possible accessory in this kit.

What an amazing thing Wahl has produced that contains even an eyebrow comb guide coupled with an ear trim guide.

Editor Rating:

An assortment of clips, cape, combs and scissors plus the supply of maintenance oil as well as a cleaning brush.

Its corded clipper works on Power Drive Technology and the self-sharping blades made of high-carbon steel are perfect for almost every believable purpose. Cost-effective price tag also confirms it to be a must-have item in your home or salon.

3. Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper Kit-26 Piece Kit

Made for all hair types, this Wahl Color Pro clipper is lightweight and quiet yet powerful than many of its rivals.

I used it for two years and still it’s the part of my body grooming stuff. I like its tough high-carbon steel blades that stay sharp for long time and also the precise results.

Accuracy, durability and cost affordability will also make you think once to get this kit with taper control.

It will allow you to customize each cut exactly the way you like. It comes with color haircutting guide to plan and remember the haircuts.

Editor Rating:

It is one of the best barber clippers featuring a soft touch grip to give the user great comfort and control. Another the best thing herein is the multi-cut clipper that can be feasibly used at any angle. Moreover, it is great for trimming hair around ears, necklines and also to touch up the sideburns.

Top 3 Oster Barber Clippers Reviews:

Come with me to have a quick look at three of the most popular and extremely professional Oster manufactured barber clippers.

1. Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is an excellent choice for so many reasons. However the most imperative is its quiet functioning.

Noisy machines annoys me a lot and if this happens to you also, then this machine with lower operating sounds yet powerful motor is made for you to cut through all types of customer’s hair in your shop. It’s equally good for home-use.

True that it’s not have too many accessories like Wahl kits but this 8 piece comb set will last for years and will keep providing great results with every cut.

Bit expensive than others but easy and quick change in haircut length makes this tool worth your money.

2. Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 clipper with 2 blades

Its barbers' one of the most wanted quality hair clippers because it’s cool, fast, durable and powerful.

With its detachable clipper blade system you can quickly change the blade so it’s a good time saver. It cuts through thick, coarse or thin and damp, wet or dry hair as it’s built on powerful motor.

It comes with only two blades but do more and great job than many other models in the market.

Editor Rating:

This clipper is made to stand up the rigors of daily use in barbershops. Its bit expensive heavy and large than many home-use models but it is one of the best barber clippers.

So all in all it’s a heavy-duty clipper specifically designed for skilled barbers.

3. Oster Classic 76 Detachable Blade Clipper 76076-076 (Limited Edition)

Oster Classic 76 with clip-on blade is one of my personal favorites. It cuts close enough for balding with no chances of skin nicking.

It is the longest lasting hair clipper I have had ever.Its pretty cool and efficient.

Salons give the toughest time to almost all devices especially hair clippers and trimmers. This silver colored item is the best in the game of professional haircutting.

Editor Rating:

This Oster Classic 76 is well-built with innovative motor design and break resistant housing to sustain the pressure. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

It comes with the cleaning brush, blade guard, blade lubricating oil and clipper grease.

Top 3 Andis Barber Clippers Reviews:

I don’t think if there is any hair salon in the world without the Andis products. Let me know you three of its best hair clippers available on the market today.

1. Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

Whether you use it in home or salon, this kit with 27 pieces for haircutting and styling is designed to make your life simpler.

The brilliant part is that it’s anchored by a powerful trimmer as well. In contrast to magnetic motor units, both the hair clipper and trimmer are electric and works with 4x power.

Believe me, I personally used this product and it gives superior haircutting and perfect trimming for necklines and beards of all types.

Editor Rating:

My nephew only relies on it to give light touch-ups to his side burns. Yeah! Andis is a kind of our family brand and we all love this kit that’s a must-have for versatile grooming.

It is very much cost efficient and comfortable in use. It’s adjustable, corded and works impressively on all hair types.

2. Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

A balanced product with ergonomic design for the barber’s use in particular, I am much attracted to its glossy grey finish, sleek housing and light-weight. It operates on magnetic motor and fits comfortably in your hand.

This economical kit includes 6 clipper attachment combs, 4 trimmer attachment combs.It’s quiet, cool, fast, durable, flexible and reliable haircutting and trimming combo.

Editor Rating:

If you want to have a precisely groomed personality, get this kit right away and like my teen brother, you can also rock the party.

Trimmer’s T-Outliner blade with fine and sharp teeth will give the benefit of close shaving with perfection. Price is fairly affordable for the services you can enjoy with this product.

3. Andis Stylist Combo Envy Clipper + T-Outliner Trimmer

Name is self-explanatory. This professional envy clipper will give you the leverage of high speed and all around hair styling and trimming.

Clipper’s blade is adjustable so that you can have easy cuts no matter thin, thick, curly, wet or dry hair.

The Andis trimmer is equipped with close-cutting T-Outliner comfort edge blade for perfect outlining, trimming and shaving.

This product comes with 4 trimmer add-on combs and 6 clipper attachment combs means you can enjoy a variety of hair styling and trimming.

Editor Rating:

It’s inaudible and delivers the small and light feel in your hands. The smooth running magnetic motor stays cool for long. Price label is finely acceptable for the features and functions of this Andis Stylist Combo.


Cited above, all products are actually crafted to give you the power to perform professional quality haircuts, trims, styling and touch-ups. These are perfect for children and sensitive skin. For the usability, features, accessories, safety and maintenance, every gadget is reasonably priced.

These are the best barber clippers that you will see at almost every other barbershop. Being good enough for haircutting experts means these are also good for you. Choose on quality and enhancement accessories as your financial position allows.

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