Top Best Oster Hair Clippers

Being a professional hairdresser and stylist, working in one of top hair salons in America, I am regularly asked about which hair clippers are the best in terms of use and performance.

I am well aware of the fact that being a trainee or a junior hair stylist, the choice of a top professional hair clipper can be confusing due to so many types and different options available in the market.

Possibly the first thing you should consider when you are looking for the best pair of hair clippers is the brand to go for.

There are many companies offering professional clippers today but the company, which stands alone, is Oster - Oster professional hair clippers. Hair clippers oster are the best hair clippers in terms of having powerful motors and having great strength of cutting.

However, they can often be loud during working. These hair clippers by Oster promises to cut through all types of hair respectively. They are also offering vast range of trimmers, which are also considered best oster hair trimmer for beards and necklines.

Our Pick: Top 4 Best Oster Hair Clippers

  1. Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper
  2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
  3. Combo New Oster Classic 76 Limited Edition Hair clipper
  4. Oster Classic 76 Detachable Blade Clipper

Advantages of Oster Hair Clippers

Oster hair clippres

Below I have discussed some of the advantages to probably avail from best Oster Hair Clippers:

  • All the hair clippers are made of high quality material that ensures durability.
  • You will also be able to cut all types of hair with any of the best hair clippers by Oster. They will help you cut through thick hair with ease.
  • They also do not heat up even after heavy use. They are equipped with advanced cooling system technology, which helps in cooling them in terms of using them for a long duration
  • They are available with detachable blade options, which will help you change its blade effortlessly.
  • They are equipped with heavy and powerful motors, which make them effective for heavy duty use.
  • They all have an artistic design, which is liked by many hair stylists and barbers.
  • Popular hair stylists and barbers recommend them due to their extraordinary performance and durability.
  • All the parts of hair clippers by Oster are effortlessly replaceable and serviceable.
  • They are made of textured housing to help you have a strong grip on them while use.
  • They are easily available at a reasonable price on all shopping websites like Amazon.

    Top 4 Oster Hair Clipper Reviews

    Below I have discussed the top 5 Oster hair clipper reviews:

    1. Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

    Oster classic 76 is a highly recommended professional hair clipper by many popular hair stylists and barbers across the globe.

    You can use this hair clipper for cutting almost any type of hair respectively. It means that you will be able to cut wet or dry hair with this hair clipper by Oster.

    It is made of high quality material, which makes it durable to use for a long time. It comes with a textured housing, which will provide you strong grip while using it.

    The blades are easily detachable, which means that you can change the blades of this hair clipper with ease. It comes with an extensive power cord of 9ft, which will help you to avoid using any extension wire for moving it freely.

    2. Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

    If you are in search for a hair clipper by Oster, but not ready to invest a lot of money, Oster Fast Feed can be the perfect option for you.

    You will also be able to get 4 combs in the pack for short haircuts. You can also adjust the blade size by the lever on the left side of the motor clipper.

    Many barbers and hair stylists suggest this amazing clipper by Oster to the people who do not want to invest more money andwant to have an ideal haircut.

    3. Combo New Oster Classic 76 Limited Edition Hair clipper

    This indeed is an amazing hair clipper by Oster, which enables you to do heavyduty cutting of hair with ease.

    You will surely be amazed by its exceptional power, durability and performance as compared to any other hair clipper available in the market today.

    You can also use it to effectively cut wet and even thick hair conveniently.

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    4. Oster Classic 76 Detachable Blade Clipper

    If you are in search for an easy to maintain and use hair clipper for your hair styling and cutting, Oster classic 76 can be the perfect choice for you.

    It comes with a break resistant housing, which means that you will not have to worry if you drop it accidentally while using.

    You can easily use this hair clipper for performing ideal haircuts and even trimming of beard respectively.

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    Moreover, you will also be able to change its blades because they are easily detachable.


    Concisely, after reading this detailed review of top best Oster Hair Clippers, you will be able to know which hair clipper to select and invest your money for. All these above mentioned hair clippers by Oster are ranked top due to their extraordinary performance capability and durability.

    Many popular barbers and hairstylists from across the globe have used and trusted them; they also recommend it to others for easy hair styling and cutting. You can read more information about Flowbee haircutting system