The Best Hair Straightener Technologies To Keep In Mind

If you look over the years, almost everything has changed. This is basically due to technological advancements. It is hardly necessary to emphasize the importance of technology in the modern day life.

In the world of fashion and beauty, hair is the richest decoration of women. It brings a woman’s self-perception into focus and as such, hair style is the ultimate pointer whether or not a woman really knows herself.

There are different types of hair straighteners that have been developed using the latest technologies. These technologies can help in repairing damaged or curled up hair.

However, it is important to know and also choose a hair straightener that is suitable for your hair. It is also important to have a clear understanding about hair straightening technology and which one to use for your hair.

In this article we will give a clear description of the top hair straightener technologies to help you make an informed choice.There are several new hair straightener technologies you may hear or know about. Common ones include infrared heat, tourmaline, ionic, titanium and ceramic technology.


Titanium straighteners are frequently used by a lot of hair stylists, due to their short heat up time and high temperatures and thus, faster to use for straightening hair. Titanium straighteners are also very strong and light in weight and consequently easy to use without much exhaustion.

Additionally, titanium is a tremendously resistant element which makes it have a longer lifespan.

  • Titanium straighteners also use ionic technology which implies that with heat, the titanium plates discharge negative ions that cancel out the positive ions in hair which cause damage and drying of hair.
  • Titanium straighteners also make use of infrared technology which helps retain moisture in your hair and the titanium also smoothen the hair shafts leaving you with glossy even hair.

However, there are some negative aspects of titanium which need to be known:

  • Titanium being heat resistant it can get up to 200°C which is too much heat for the hair even though it makes the hair straighten much faster in a short time.
  • With the high temperature you can also get your hands scorched unless you take your time to let it cool down.


Tourmaline is an important hair straightening technology that has unique benefits to your hair. Tourmaline is made of a mineral called crystal boron silicate. This mineral is very useful for smoothening of hair.

Tourmaline releases negative ions that prevent the positive ions just like Titanium.  

  • This attribute of tourmaline prevents the drying or damaging of hair.
  • Tourmaline also produces supplementary moisture-locking ions than other types of hair straightener technology.
  • Tourmaline generates infrared heat, which removes still and dry and leaves a glossy, sparkly hair.


Ceramic is one of the best hair straightener plate material. Most people and many companies always prefer to use ceramic hair straightener technology.

Ceramic hair straightener technology has been used  together with infrared and negative ion technology to produce good results in hair straightening. 

  • Infrared heat removes still and dry hair and leaves glossy, sparkly hair.
  • The negative ions cancel out the positive ions in hair which cause damage and drying of hair. These ions result in glossy hair
  • It is provided in wide ranges from the cheapest hair straighteners to the most costly.
  • Ceramic does not pull hair like some hair straighteners and therefore comfortable for use. This feature makes it good foe use for all type of hair whether thick, thin or normal sized hair.

Ionic Technology

  • This technology mainly produces negative ions which neutralize the positive ions in hair which cause the hair to look static.
  • The production of negative ions helps in locking in moisture within the hair which explains the result of smooth and glossy hair

This technology can be found combined with other technologies like the Titanium, Tourmaline and Ceramic technologies.

Infrared Tecnology

  • This technology helps retain moisture in your hair.
  • The other good features include the fact that infrared technology does not generate so much heat than your hair can take.

The above mentioned hair straightener technologies are but a few of the top that we recommend you to use. I hope this article helps you have better, healthier and prettier hair.

The next time you go shopping for a hair straightener, consider the technology used and make a good choice.


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