The Best Sport Haircuts For Men in 2018

2016 is in!! And like every other year, it also brought many admiring things. Today we will talk about the trendy male hairstyles to impress your lady loves. Are you the one who skip New Year resolutions every year? If so, then this article is especially for you. Having read it, you will become a new man with handsome looks and persona and you won’t think of skipping your resolution of amplifying up your sex appeal this year. These are the easiest hairstyles for men to wear and carry. Not only do these styles offer refreshing look but they are also easy on pocket.

Trends come and go quite soon and here we are dedicated to bring the best hairstyles to impress your girls. Your genes and traits are not controllable but being attractive is definitely in your hands. Here are some simple hairstyles that enhance your sex appeal including personality and style to make you look attractive.

Let’s explore some of the trending men hairstyles to impress every girl. Here goes the list:

Short and Choppy

A hairstyle that is the most trending in 2018 is this style. It is a low maintenance hairstyle that is the first choice of every classic male who actually doesn’t want to put in a style with sharp contrast. This natural textured and creative style is enough to exude a unique look and impress girls. This hair style is followed by the last version that carries long and loose texture having an inch shorter on top. And point cut for texture was the basic thing. Now the top is shorter where a soft disconnect is there and the scissor cut back and sides, explained Adam Brady.

You can wear it even if you have thin hair as the chopping style makes your hair look voluminous. However, it is good news for those who have longer faces as this hairstyle creates an illusion of less height on your head and the face looks better than ever. Plus, it is a win-win situation for people having thin tops as choppiness is perfect to give weighty look to your overall appearance. So this can be a good pick.

Well, the whole matter of concern lies in how to maintain the hairstyle. It is quite easy to do this one as you just have to slightly damp your hair and use a water based pomade. Toss through your hair with fingers and here you go with the short and choppy hairstyle. To spot less wet look, what you can do is use a paste and apply it to the roots. It will hold the hair roots optimally or to get a matte finish, apply a root booster powder on the roots. Not only will it give matter finish, it will also increase volume.

Big Shape and Contrast

No one is born wallflower so you have to put on an attractive hairstyle to exhibit impressive looks. in 2018, many more eye-catching hairstyles have emerged that are enough to catch the fancy of a girl. As the name suggests, this one is a contrast between the sides, top and back of the hair along with bounty of shape and movement.

Like you have noticed the image at first sight, it is going to get you noticed as well. But it comes with some warnings if you want to carry this hairstyle. Here they are:

  • For this hairstyle, long and dense hair is required. So in order to carry this style, you will need to grow thick hair or else the tools or materials won’t work.
  • It demands maintenance so if you don’t have pretty much of time, I would say not to spend money in such hairstyles. All the gym or workout freaks must stay away from this style as you cannot spend hours to style your hair.

Well, now to grow your hair in order to spot this hairstyle, here are some tips.

  • Grow your hair long on top so that while pulling the hair down over the face, the fringe reaches to touch the nose. If not this, you won’t be able to create a perfect contrast. So work on your hair first if you crave for this hairstyle.
  • Next, think of which style you want to carry whether the hair at the sides and back of your cut (for softer finish) or clippered cut (for impactful contrast).

Well, your barber must know that while doing this haircut, the crown hair should be short than front hair. It is because while moving the fringe back, it gets set nicely on the back of your head. Or if you keep the fringe forward, it must not get stuck at the back.

This one takes time when it’s about styling. To set the forward fringe, what you need to do is spray some salt spray but separate the sides first and then spray. Now using a brush, blow dry the fringes in forward direction across your forehead and then rumple the spray all over the hair.

The Wet Look

Yet another stylish hairstyle to impress the girls is the wet look that has hit the horizons in 2018. It is an inspired wet look and it is one of the best and easy styles to wear.

Wet look style is casual, sleek and classy to wear in daily routine as it doesn’t demands much time and maintenance. Don’t misunderstand the wet look with soaked hair rather take it as rain-slicked style. Brady says, “We are rapidly waving off to those typical styles and stepping in wet finished looks”.

All you need to do is rub some water based pomade in damp hair and toss through the hair with your fingers. Freely move the fingers all over the head rather than using a comb brush in order to get soft finished look. Don’t go too messy either. Take care of the evenness while using fingers as applying pressure may ruin the look.

The Final Verdict

So are you ready to see a barber or want to sit at home only with that boring look like always? Let’s get up and wear one of these styles to leave a good impression on girls and make them go crazy after you.


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