How To Trim Nose Hair – 3 Methods

Do you know why there are hairs in nose? Well, they are for a reason. Nose hairs are there because they are our body’s part and holds major significance in the immune system. Hairs trap outside pollution, dust, dirt, harmful bacteria, and toxins etc. and stop them from going inside the body.

Two types of hair are there i.e. coarser hair and microscopic hair-like cilia. Coarser hairs are those that can be seen peeking out of the nose. And if you feel embarrassed due to these protruding nose hairs, then you must do something to remove them. It is quite an easy process and affordable too. But make sure to do it safely so as not to cause any harm to your delicate skin around and inside of the nose.

Here are some steps to trim nose hairs:

#1 Use Scissors

  • Special kind of scissors is available in the market to trim nose hairs. They are called trimming scissors and has a rounded tip especially designed to provide safety while plucking hairs from inside the nose or ears.
  • You can also buy facial hair trimming scissors from any cosmetic store.
  • ​While trimming, stand in front of a well lit mirror to avoid any damage to the skin. Also, it will help you see the hairs properly that may be somewhat inside of the nose or sticking there. Proper mirror light helps you groom the hairs.
  • Use your hands and scissors carefully while trimming because the scissors have rounded tip. So watch out for the hairs closely and then trim them.
  • ​Don’t insert the trimmer inside the nose as it will damage your inside skin badly. Always insert them gently or else your nose will be punctured. Pay close attention!!
  • Always clean the scissors before trimming to avoid infections or allergies.
  • Don’t clean all the hairs from the nose as the inside hair are meant to protect you from outside pollutants. You just have to remove those hairs that create a hindrance in your look and affect your appearance. If you will trim the entire hairline, it will leave negative effects.
  • Always make sure that the scissors you are using is sharp to cut the hair effectively. Don’t use dull scissors as it will take your more time for trimming that may cause pain.
  • To get a clear view of inside area, push your nose up and smile. This way you will find hair that needs to be trimmed.
  • After the trimming, check if the hair that were peeking out of the nose have been trimmed or not. Once done, clean the scissors with an antiseptic solution and then keep it away.

#2 Use A Trimmer

  • Buy any trimmer whether electric or manual. Both of them are meant to serve the purpose perfectly and come with extra attachments to trim eyebrow hairs and beards also.
  • Manual trimmers are used without electricity and batteries. Also, they are highly easy to use because they don’t cause tickling vibrations while trimming. You have to use your both hands to trim nose hairs.
  • Electric trimmers are fast and efficient enough to trim the hair properly and you can use one hand only for the trimming process.
  • ​Whatever trimmer you choose to use, read the instructions before using to get an idea of the operation.
  • Stand in front of a well lit mirror and tilt your head back. Take the trimmer and insert inside the nose but make sure not to force it inside or else the nose will get damaged
  • Nose trimmers are designed especially for the nose so if you are facing any issue while inserting it, you may have been using it in wrong way. Blades used in the trimmer are covered so that they cannot make cuts on the skin.
  • Trimmers are safe to use as they provide painless hair removal.
  • ​Make sure not to insert the trimmer forcefully inside the nose because your purpose is to trim the outside hairs only that peek out of the nose. Don’t remove all the nose hairs to make them protect you from dirt and dust.
  • Once done with the trimming, clean the trimmer with water.

#3 Use Tweezers

  • You must have heard about tweezers. They are perfect to use as they have slanted tips to remove the hair.
  • Trimming with tweezers may be more tedious than scissors or trimmers. Stand under good lighting to tweeze the nose hair.
  • ​Nose hairs are painful to remove so just don’t tweeze them aimlessly. Pluck the hairs one by one but be careful while doing this. You cannot afford to remove all the hairs as they are good for lung’s health. One idea is to ask someone to stand in front of you and ask him which hairs are visible. Pluck those only and leave the rest there only.
  • Give a quick pull rather than taking out the hairs slowly. It will cause pain so don’t think and just pull out the hair.
  • After the pulling, you may feel some pain. So use an ice cube to put on the nostril for a minute as it will numb the area.
  • Tweezing is dangerous because if you don’t does it right, it will cause severe pain and infections may occur inside the nose.
  • Clean the tweezers with some solution or soap. And then rinse with water.

Bonus Tips

  1. Never trim the hair too short because it can harm the immune system. Your motive is to remove the hair that looks embarrassing but it doesn’t mean that you will remove the nose hairs completely.
  2. Inhale the steam or drink tea after trimming the nose hair in order to soothe the sore area.
  3. Apply some antibiotic cream on the nose to keep the infections away.
  4. Never use pointed scissors rather use rounded tip scissors for nose trimming.

Hope you enjoyed the article!!


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