How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Having thick and healthy hair has been seen as a symbol of youth and vitality across cultures for thousands of years and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Most men want thick and sexy hair that stays with them through their lifetime yet most men don’t pay enough attention to their hair and many simply don’t know how to take care of it.

In order to learn how to properly care for your hair, take a sit, grab a beer and read this.

How often should I wash my hair?

Simply put, hair should be washed only when it’s dirty.  If you’re washing your hair every day you’re not only doing it wrong but you’re causing more harm than good.

Most barbers and stylists believe that hair should be washed only once or twice a week as the chemicals found in shampoos, no matter the quality, strip your hair from essential oils if you overuse them, which in turn leads to brittle, dry hair and itchy scalps. Often all your hair needs is to be rinsed and you’re good to go!

There’s a good chance switching to washing your hair once or twice a week will leave it feeling greasy those first few weeks but don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time until it starts looking better than ever.

If you’re uncomfortable during those weeks or you simply don’t like the idea of washing your hair so little, it’s time to invest in some dry shampoo which will keep your hair fresh and clean without damaging.  (Remember, though, that dry shampoo is not a replacement for regular shampoo and should only be used to ‘spruce up’ between showers)

How often should I condition my hair?

You’ve been doing this backwards. Contrary to the popular belief, you should condition your hair with each shower, regardless if you shampooed your hair or not. Imagine if you were to shower and not use moisturizer afterwards. It’s the same for your hair!

Conditioners keep your hair hydrated, soft and easy to manage so you invest in a good conditioner and don’t forget to use it daily. If you don’t have time for this you can always use those 2 in 1 products that mix shampoo and conditioners but don’t turn into a habit as the shampoo part of the mixture can still damage your hair.

Should I blow dry?

          Once again this depends on your kind of hair, as well as the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve but there’s nothing wrong with using a blow-dryer as long as it isn’t too hot, which can dry your scalp. 

       If you’re aiming for clean, easy to manage hair you should definitely dry it. If what you’re looking for is a natural look, then all you need is a bit of product and let it dry by itself.


What products should I use?

This depends entirely upon your kind of hair so next times you get a haircut ask your barber or stylist. They’re the ones that can help you the most! However, here’s a guide that might help you:

Surely you’ve noticed that not all shampoos and conditioners are the same. A walk down the hair care aisle will prove it. This short guide is aimed to help you understand what different products are used to and, hopefully, clear any doubts about what products you should use:


There are several types of shampoo and even though most guys can get away with using normal hair shampoo (as most men keep their hair short) you’d do well in familiarizing yourself with all the kinds:

  • Normal hair shampoo: These shampoos work well for most men and chances are this is the one you need to use.
  • Oily hair shampoo: Some guys’ scalps produce more oil than average. These shampoos are created with them in mind as they’re stronger and remove as much oil as possible. This shampoo has the potential to dry your scalp so avoid it if your hair isn’t oily.


  • Dry hair shampoo: Also called moisturizing shampoos, these are created to moisturize your scalp and hair. If you don’t have very dry hair you should avoid these shampoos, as they will weigh down your hair and make it look greasy.
  • Dandruff shampoo: These shampoos were created to treat the itching and flaking caused by dandruff. Before you use them, make sure you actually have dandruff, as less severe problems, such as dryness, can be treated in other ways. Don’t use this shampoo every day, as it will dry your scalp.


  • Thickening shampoo: These shampoos ‘thicken’ your hair by making it retain water, giving it a fuller appearance. This is often achieved through chemicals that open the cuticle of your hair, which means that your hair will need conditioner after using these shampoos.
  • Clarifying shampoo: Used to remove excessive residues of hair product or chemicals, such as chlorine in pool water, this shampoo should never be used more than once a month.


  • Thickening conditioner: Meant to be used along thickening shampoos, they coat your hair with a layer of protein that makes it look thicker. These were made for men with thin or damaged hair.
  • Moisturizing conditioner: These help your hair retain moisture, which means they’re ideal for those with dry or curly hair.
  • Leave in conditioner: The purpose of these conditioners is to nourish your hair. They aren’t rinsed out (hence the name) and will make your hair easier to handle while giving it some protection against the sun and heat. Many men find that their hair is at its best the days after they use these treatments.

Most conditioners can be used every day so you shouldn’t worry about that. Remember to leave the conditioner on your hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing (unless it’s a leave in conditioner) for maximum benefit.

With these simple tips you can make the right choice when it comes to hair care and keep your hair healthy and strong.


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