14 Gorgeous Bobby Pin Hairstyles Every Girl Should Try

Bobby Pin Hairstyles

Bobby Pin Hairstyles

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Little bobby pin has endless uses. It’s like a Swiss army knife to every beauty kit. They secure your hair sections and fix hairdos in place for longer. But little did people know Bobby pins can lend you winsome hairstyles as well?

We have rounded up a list of smart bobby pins hairstyles that would certainly redefine your styling statement.

First thing first: Bobby pin grips your hair well when the wavy, textured side is facing down and the slicker, straight side up.

The Perky Ponytail

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Use bobby pins to make your ponytail look fuller in and stay super high. Pull your hair in a ponytail and slide two bobby pins into the base of ponytail so that the top touches your scalp.  Brush it up and ruffle using fingers to make it smoother.

The Criss Cross


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Criss cross half updo is a five-minute gorgeous hairstyle to master. It’s a modern version of old half-back style. Small sections of hair are crossed over one another and secured with bobby pins as shown in the picture.

Hair Bow


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The cute and fun hair bow needs only a comb, hair elastic, and a few bobby pins. Loop your hair in elastic and split it into the half. Pin both sides with a bobby pin. Cover the middle area with another hair strand over the bow and secure it with another pin.

Flicked Fringe


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For a perfect flick, spray your hair and curl the fringe in the desired direction. Secure it with a bobby pin for 3-5 minutes to set the style. Once release, you will get a perfect shaped flicked fringe.

The # Style


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Pull a small hair section behind your ear and secure it with two colorful bobby pins. Insert two more pins into the middle of the pins to create a hashtag sign.


Two bobby pin updo


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Just make a messy low pony, bundle it into a cute little side updo and secure with two bobby pins. You don’t even need a hair bobble.

Triangle Pins


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Grab your hair in a kooky triangle style using colored bobby pins. Make sure the color of pins matches your hair color well; for instance, use darker pins fro red and blonde strands.

Criss-Cross Crown

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Insert you hair strands into two overlapping bobby pins to create an X-shape. Continue the line to create a crown around your head.

Messy French Twist


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The perfect look for unwashed hair! Just keep rolling and twisting your loose pony and secure it with bobby pins only.

Waterfall braid


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Just one bobby pin is enough to hold a sweet waterfall braid. Divide and twist your front hair in sections. Grip the end with a bobby pin and hide it under other strands.

Mini Twists


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Make three small twists above your forehead, pull them back and secure with a bobby pin.

Thick hair bun


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Making a bun of thick hair in one go is pesky. Use bobby pins to twist your hair into buns section by section.

Double rope braid


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So simple, yet an eye-catching look!  Make two rope braids on each side of your head and secure them into a bun with a bobby pin.


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