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11 Perks of Short Hair That May Change Your Perspective

reasons to cut your hair shorter

Via: hairstylehub Women with short hair are really sexy. There’s something lobrating about freeing yourself from the norms and enjoying the perks of short hair! Well said, Amber Valletta! Some call it tomboyish, and some say it’s a sign of lethargy, but modern short haircuts have everything – feminity, charm, and style. Whether you’re regretting your pageboy […]

How To Trim Nose Hair – 3 Methods

Do you know why there are hairs in nose? Well, they are for a reason. Nose hairs are there because they are our body’s part and holds major significance in the immune system. Hairs trap outside pollution, dust, dirt, harmful bacteria, and toxins etc. and stop them from going inside the body. Two types of […]