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Top 8 Products for Men with Thick Hair

thick hair men

If you were to ask a man what he fears most, in terms of his looks, it would probably be thinning hair.While plenty of men can rock the bald look, it often makes men feel older and more insecure than they would like. The good news, however, especially if you’re one of these men, is […]

Top 10 Dye Brand to Achieve Dark Green Locks

woman green hair

So, you have decided that you would like to have dark green hair. If that’s the case, brace yourself. Achieving the hair that you desire may not be quite as easy as you think. If you have blonde or otherwise light hair, it’s not all that difficult. A good dark green dye should easily adhere […]

Top 10 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Anchor Goatee

It seems that everyone who wants thicker hair doesn’t have it and those who do have usually complain about it. Thick hair can be difficult to deal with most of the time.It adds more heat to your head during the summer when many people are already miserable from the high temperatures. And while it can […]

9 Perfect Products for Maintaining a Lush, Full Beard


Maintaining a full beard really isn’t that difficult. Especially when you consider all the men back centuries ago who used to keep full beards all the time with very little effort. But since we have gone for a few decades where shaving was a must and beards were only worn by mountain men and lumberjacks […]

Top 10 Men’s Hair Gels for Styling Spiky Hair

spiky hair

Hair gel is a staple that every man should have in his medicine cabinet – especially if he wants spiky hair.We hate to break it to you, but spiky hair isn’t just going to magically appear on your head, and no hair cut alone can give you that textured, gravity-defying look. No, you really do […]

Professional Hairstyles for the Modern Man

Hairstyles Modern Man

The day you walk into the barber and say you’d like a “professional haircut” might make your stomach drop a little bit.For whatever reason, the world “professional” is almost synonymous with “boring” in many of our minds –especially when it comes to hair. But it really doesn’t have to be like that.There are plenty of […]

Our Guide On How to Get Beachy Waves at Home

Beachy Waves

Score the perfect sand and sun look without going near the beach with our guide on how to get waves at home.Beach waves are the ultimate carefree style. The mermaid look comes easy to some who look like walking hair product advertisements, but it gets harder to achieve when you are both far from the […]

How to Do a Faux Hawk in 4 Steps

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a flexible, versatile hairstyle almost everyone can rock. It’s perfect for the man who wants something trendy and eye-catching that won’t get him fired, but also allows his creative and unique personality to shine through. We share the exact four steps to getting the perfect faux hawk below. Quick Navigation How […]

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