Why Should You Use All Natural Hair Dye

All Natural Hair Dye
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Hair dying has become a part of lives for a large portion of men and women.

Whether they are dying their hair to change the texture or style, or simply want to cover gray strands, a lot of people color their strands more than a few times a month.

Why Should You Use All Natural Hair Dye?

Everybody knows that artificial or salon based hair dyes involve a concoction of harmful chemicals that can be damaging to their hair and threatening to health. But people hardly give afterthought to this fact and weigh risks against the results that prove to be the biggest mistake later on.

To understand why you should switch to all natural hair dyes like NATURIGIN Hair Colors and Herbatint Products, it’s important to know the harms that chemical-based hair colors can do to your hair as well as your health.

All Natural Hair Dye

Harms of Using Artificial Hair Dyes

According to Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), all hair dye brands have to be transparent with listing all chemical ingredients present in their products. But most of these companies hide deadly chemicals that are not only damaging to hair but also very injurious to our health.

Modern hair dyes come in permanent, semi-permanent and temporary forms, and permanent hair dyes make up 80% of the market today.

Ditch Those Unnatural Chemicals With These Top 10 Natural Hair Dye Brands

You would be surprised to know there are around 5000 chemicals used in conventional hair dyes and many of these are shown to be carcinogenic in animal studies. Besides causing life-threatening cancer and lung diseases, hair dyes also cause allergic reactions on eyes, scalp, face and ears and have been deadly.  Chemical hair dyes are dangerous especially for those who frequently visit salons for permanent hair colors or buy boxed products.

Formaldehyde and coal tar are two potential harmful substances present in salon-based colors. Formaldehyde acts as a preservative and is a well-known carcinogen. As for coal tar, it is a coloring agent and also carcinogen to human. Though under 5% concentration of these ingredients won’t give you cancer, it’s good to swap chemical colors with all natural hair dye.

All the hair colors must include Ammonia and PPDs (Para-phenylenediamine) to bring you the expected results. These ingredients result in swelling, blistering, itching, dermatitis and a few more conditions when used excessively.

Why take a risk when you have organic and safe alternatives?

Benefits of Using Natural Hair Dyes

Good news is that there exist a few brands that manufacture organic dyes with around 95% hair color natural ingredients. These natural dyes are vegetable, plant, and oil based. Some of these dyes may use an extremely small concentration of least harmful chemicals to make the color last longer. These dyes use plant-based colorants to highlight, lowlight or cover the gray in your hair.  Some irresistible benefits of using natural hair colors are:

  • There is no health risk involved with natural hair dyed because these products contain no harmful chemicals, additives, peroxide, ammonia or resorcinol.
  • Use natural hair dye for gray hair without any side-effect.
  • Regular hair dyes break hair structure making them eventually unhealthy. Luckily, natural hair dyes don’t disturb the structure of your hair, thus causing no damage.
  • The all natural ingredients of these dyes not only beautify the texture of your hair but also nourish and condition your scalp and strands.
  • You can easily color your hair at home with these products.
  • Lots of pregnant women are devoid of hair coloring because they fear chemical reactions. Fortunately, organic hair color natural ingredients don’t put any negative effect on the mother and unborn baby.
  • The icing on the cake! All natural hair colors are enriched with organic goodness that additionally addresses hair issues like split ends, thin hair, dandruff, etc.
  • All ingredients used to manufacture these natural colors are certified by a regulatory authority to assure the quality.

You can make your natural hair dyes using very common ingredients from your kitchen pantry.  If you are not making your home-based dyes, there are a few brands like Logona Herbal Hair Color that offer ultimate and purely organic solutions to your hair color needs.

How to Choose Genuine Natural Hair Dye?

Though there are many brands that guarantee to offer 100% natural hair dyes. However, it is wise to check the labels and ingredients before purchasing a product. Whether you buy online or from an outdoor store, approach a reputed seller who stocks only quality products. You can also seek recommendations from someone who frequently uses natural hair dye and has awesome hair.

Needless to say, switching to all natural hair dye is a great idea. Many studies have shown the serious health alarms of using salon-based and boxed dyes. With hair color natural ingredients, you can have many benefits as compared to conventional hair dyes. Do a favor to your locks by switching to organic products and keep them shiny, healthy, and coated in your favorite shade.

Still not sure which way to go? Check out the top 10 best natural hair dye brands here: https://hairclippercenter.net/natural-hair-dye/

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