Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper Review


Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper
Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

The Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper is a heavy-duty professional hair clipper especially designed for dogs. It has an extra feature of high speed and low price as compared to its competitors in the market. It consists of a heavy power rotary motor, which is available in all professional clippers available in the market. The rotary motor is able to run cool and cut at 3400 to 4400 strokes in a duration of one minute.

This professional animal clipper by Andis is exceptionally good for those people who have pets like horses, cats and dogs with heavy coats of hair, where normal clippers will take a long time to use and are not powerful enough to do the task effectively. You may also want to consider this amazing hair clipper by Andis if you have many pets that require frequent grooming and you need to save time effortlessly. If you buy this professional animal clipper, you willnot have to worry about the reliability of clippers as they can last long for years. It is also best for professional groomers in an effective manner.

Features of Andis Professional Hair Clipper

The core features of Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper are described below:

  • Durable Housing
    This amazing professional hair clipper by Andis comes with a highly durable housing, which will not shatter in any manner.
  • More Torque
    It comes with a 4×4 blade drive which will help you deliver twenty five percent more torque during grooming in an effective manner.
  • Ultra Edge Blades
    The Ultra Edge locking blades in this professional hair clipper will help you ensure safety of blades during use effortlessly.
  • Ease in Compatibility
    This professional hair clipper by Andis comes with a compatibility with Ceramic edges blades as well as Ultra Edge blades.
  • Efficient in Performance
    It has the ability to perform well as compared to other professional hair clippers available in the market.
  • Light Weight
    It has a lightweight and you can effortlessly carry it around with ease. It has a total weight of about one pound.
  • Extensive Connecting Cable
    It comes with a 14ft long electric connecting cable as compared to other hair clippers available in the market.
  • Advance Cooling System
    It has an advanced cooling system, which makes it cool instantly during working.
  • No Need of Oiling
    You will not have to worry about its oiling and greasing, as it is required rarely as compared to other hair clipper.

Benefits of Customer When Using this Product

Below I have discussed the benefits, which the customer can have using Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper:

  • It has a unique and portable design, which means that you can easily carry this hair clipper anywhere.
  • It has a powerful rotary motor, which can help you in cutting more hair in less time.
  • The advanced cooling system in it does not allow it to heat up during working.
  • It is made with a fine and high quality material, which makes it look durable.
  • The pair of Ultra Edge blades will be able to help you cut thick and tangled hair with ease in an effective manner.
  • It comes with a long connecting cable, which makes it is easy to carry around without using any type of extension cable.
  • It is easily available on all famous online shopping websites.
  • It is available in an economical price as compared to other brands professional hair clippers.
  • You will not require any sort of professional help to use Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipperas instructions are given on the instruction manual.

Pros and Cons of this Product

Pros and cons of this product are as follows:


Kit Includes

The Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipperhas following items in its kit:

  • Two super speed Clipper
  • UltraEdge blade of size 10
  • Clipper Oil for clipper
  • Extra blade drive


Right after reading this Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper review, you will for sure be able to know whether this professional hair clipper is worth your investment or not. On the market, there are many professional hair clippers of a variety of brands available. Still, it is challenging to know which to buy unless you know about the various features. Also, the pros, cons, and benefits you could have while using your selected clipper. If you are looking for a heavy power rotary motor and long-lasting, durable professional hair clipper for your pets, that need grooming often A professional hair clipper can be the perfect option for you. These professional hair clippers are available in many stores as well as online such as at Amazon at economical prices. It is best to shop around and read reviews from other people who have already purchased and used the clippers.

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