The Best Handsome Men Hairstyles in 2018

Guys, we are in 2018 now. I hope everything went good in the previous year 2015. And now when we have stepped in New Year, you might be looking for some new hair cut trends. But before moving further in checking out the new trends, have you gotten your hair cleaned?

You want to look smart and handsome. Don’t you? Well, everyone wants to… So let’s take an appointment from a well-trained barber and get your hair cut. It’s a busy time of New Year so hurry up and look handsome among the crowd. Today, I would mention some of the finest haircuts which are styled by the perfectionists worldwide. All the haircuts can be tried by everyone depending upon your choice.

These haircuts have hit the horizons owing to the style factor they lend. You can look absolutely handsome if you carry these haircuts with style. Just throw on a nice pant, smart shirt and semi-formal blazer to rock the stage. Let people feel jealous when you go out. Among all the hairstyles, textured haircuts are gaining the attention of guys.

In New Year 2016, let’s adopt these haircuts to create more natural and handsome look. Nowadays, men need to look as good as women. They want to flaunt their style like models. No matter what age or background you have, you can wear any haircut if you are confident carrying it with style. Give yourself an exciting and interesting look and let everyone turn their heads towards you.

Let’s see what the latest trending haircuts are in 2018:

#1 Smooth Fade with Texture on Top

Fresh haircut can pull the style out of your ordinary look. And this one is simply awesome. Your self-esteem gets raised if you feel good from inside. And it’s a very common saying that the whole look of a person is enhanced with just a smart haircut. So when it’s about choosing a hairstyle, pick such a haircut which suits your face shape and style.

To get ideas, you can check out latest magazines and see what trends are in vogue. You will come across many such ideas which you have not seen before. So consider them this time. Look different, look smart…

#2 Disconnected Beard + Drop Fade Haircut with Textures

This haircut is rocking the market. Men love this style… To wear this haircut, you need to consider your age and face shape as anyone cannot wear this style. Many factors contribute in choosing a right haircut. Like if you hold a senior position in some company, it may not look that good. It’s a funky style instead and will ruin your attitude. So before choosing any cut, it would be better if you ask for a professional’s advice.

#3 Crew Cut

Another popular haircut is the crew cut. And interestingly, it is one such cut that won’t make you spend huge bucks. No excessive salon bill at all… Also, it is very easy to wear and maintain. No extra efforts are required. In crew cut, your hair gets cropped as short as they can be. Basically, it is seen that men with small ears and round head look much smarter wearing crew cut. And you need to go to salon at least once in a month to maintain the look and not get mess out of your hair. But if you don’t have much time, buy a trimmer and learn to manage your hair by yourself. Nothing more than this would be good!!

#4 Spike Look

One of the modern haircuts is spike look. It’s definitely going to rock in 2018. It is one of the most common choices among men who don’t like carrying other cuts. It is a bit longer than crew cut and needs gel to set the hair in spikes. Younger lot look handsome with spiky haircut, typically men in their thirties. But one bottom line is there with this cut that you need some extra time to get ready in this style.

#5 Diagonal Straight Fringes, Razor Faded Undercut and Chopped Sliced Texture

Not every style is loved by every man. Everyone has different taste and this haircut is funky one. It will not suit older guys. Rather it will look great on tall and handsome guys. On some people, it looks flawless and on others, it looks terrible. So it’s all about who is wearing it and how. This is a style which attracts many people and creates a different image of yours. Basically it’s a head turner!! If you actually want to stand out, get your haircut in this style and beat the crowd with your handsome looks.

#6 Chunky Sculpt, Skin Fade

This one is my favourite… I really love this cut. I want you guys to try this style out and look somewhat creative with your looks. But make sure you carry it smartly and confidently or else it will not look as good as it is. If anytime you feel that you are not satisfied, you can change the look. Guys, it’s all about trying different styles.

#7 Natural Curls

This one is worn usually by African people. But that’s not the benchmark. If you like it, you can try it. And not to forget, be confident.

So these are some of the trending haircuts. Apart from these, few more are in the list to try. Let’s take a quick look on all of them. Because I want you to look as different as you can with your cut.

#8 Chunky Sculpted Textures
#9 Short Textured Hairs, Skin Fade
#10 Medium Texture on Top, Short Sides
#11 Flying Pomp with High Fade
#12 Razor Braid with Pomp

So this is all about the trending haircuts in 2018. Go ahead to get your hair cut and flaunt your style with attitude!!

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Kenneth Gladman - May 2, 2016 Reply

Those fades are really clean. I think finding a good barber or salon and sticking with them is a good way to go. I think they get used to cutting your hair and what you like. I really like #5 with the texture on top and faded, undercut sides.

Faylinn - June 8, 2016 Reply

I absolutely love the first hair style. To me, the smooth fade with the textured top adds a lot of personality to a person. My boyfriend has been considering changing his hair style and so I think that I will suggest that style to him. However, what type of hair do you think would go best with that look?

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