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Manic Panic Enchanted Forest Review

Vibrant, teal hair is a modern trend we see among many celebrities and peers today. This makes it a popular solution to those of us looking to freshen up our own hairstyle, and Manic Panic Enchanted Forest may be the answer to our search for a product that will give us the long-lasting, easily achieved, […]

Wella T14 Toner Review

wella t14 toner

If you want to get that perfect professional look to your blonde hair coloring, it’s crucial that you don’t forget the toning step. A good toner like the Wella T14 is something that your professional hairstylist will always use, but it isn’t included in your average over-the-counter hair dye set. Toner is essential. Once you’ve bleached […]

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Review

woman blonde hair

In this article, we will inspect Manic Panic Virgin Snow, and you can gauge whether you want to give this one a try compared to other brands of hair styles and unique colors. When we think of hair dye, one of the first things to come to mind is the brand Manic Panic. The brand […]

5 Best Natural Red Hair Dye Brands

Red is not only a color, it’s a symbol of attitude. If you’re looking for a way to bring a bold look that reflects your amazing personality, you should consider dying your hair red! It’s important to remember that using a natural hair dye is best for your hair. Hair dyes made of harsh chemicals […]

Top 10 Best Natural Hair Dye Brands

natural hair dye

Women find iconic hair colors game-changing for their beauty and style. Who could take eyes off the Katy Perry’s long blonde hair and Joan Smalls’ notable pink strands? The desire to experiment with identity-changing hair colors is undeniable. But the chemical-shyness inside us puts you in a dilemma, right? Some people want to try to […]

10 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

5 minute hairstyles for school

Looking for some cool, easy and cute 5 minute hairstyles for school girls? Are you urging for some gorgeous teenage hairstyles that you can wear at any age? We have pulled together some adorable hairstyle for you all sweeties to try out. 5 minute hairstyles for school Girls And Teenagers Segmented Ponytail With Long Fringes Via: pinimg […]

Celebrities Hair Care Secrets Revealed Here

celebrities hair care secrets

So poised, made-up and perfect they are, on red carpet or Instagram. But how do these A-list celebrities their hair so thick, glossy and bouncy with their hyper-scheduled on-the-camera lives? It is the question that millions of girls around the world are struggling to get answered since decades. Guess the good news? We discussed with […]

5 Breathtaking Bohemian Hairstyles for Girls

Bohemian Hairstyles for girls

Calling all Boho babes, this post lists five awesome bohemian hairstyles for girls. Let me clear one thing. These hairstyles are not for wallflowers. With faux dreadlocks, braids and beautiful accessories, you will be the most noticeable girl in the crowd. Inspired by 1960’s and 1970’s bohemian lifestyle, these hairstyles are perfect for the girls […]

Swap Out Pricey Products For A Healthy DIY Hair Mask

DIY Hair Masks

Egg, Honey, strawberries and olive oil seem to be delicious and healthy for breakfast. But these also happen to be genial at your hair when applied in a DIY hair mask. It’s time to replace exorbitant, chemical-laden hair products lying in your bathroom vanity with some easily-available, all-natural, super-effective, gentler and top of it, affordable […]