Little Boy HairCuts: Cutting Your Little Boy’s Hair At Home

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If you’re a parent, then you probably already know that raising a child comes with lots of expenses. Because of this, you may be looking for ways to save money where you can.

If saving money is your goal, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to achieve that goal, including ditching those pricey children’s hair cuts and cutting your child’s hair at home.Before you grab the scissors and start cutting off your little boy’s locks, however, make sure you follow our tips and advice.

Cut Hair When It’s Dry

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One common mistake people make when cutting their child’s hair is to assume that they need to wet it first. However, this is not a good idea.

Even though you may have seen professional stylists cut hair while it’s wet, that’s because they know what they’re doing. Most importantly, they understand that hair looks longer when it’s wet.

Not fully understanding this can cause you to snip away more of your son’s hair than you meant to, leaving you and him disappointed with the results. Thus, go ahead and commit yourself to doing a “dry cut”

Take Advantage Of All Available Resources

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Another important thing to do is to take advantage of all of the resources that are available to you. And, trust us, there are many out there.

If you go on Youtube and search for “at home hair cuts,” you can get tons of advice, and even step by step tutorials to help you do an expert job at cutting your child’s hair.

You can also check books out of the library if you’re more of the old-fashioned type. Whatever you do, if you take advantage of good resources, your hair cutting experience should go much more smoothly.

Don’t Take Your Child By Surprise

While most people worry about making mistakes that will leave their child’s hair looking horrible, the biggest mistake you can make is actually more emotional in nature. That is- you don’t want to take your child by surprise when it comes time to cut his hair.

If you just spring this idea on your child out of nowhere, you can expect tears, resistance, and plenty of squirming, all of which can make your job as an at-home hair cutter that much more difficult.

Thus, mentally prepare your child for the haircut. Let the child know when it is going to happen and why, especially if it’s a first-time haircut, and allow your child to ask any questions he might have. If the child knows what is going to happen ahead of time, he’s a lot more likely to be cooperative, which will make your task that much easier.

Use High Quality Scissors

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Not only do you have to handle the hair cutting situation correctly by talking to your child, but you also need to make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

Of course, the most important tool of all is your scissors. They are what is going to be doing all of that cutting and snipping, so you want them to be of the high-quality variety.

Your best bet is to go for professional hair cutting scissors designed specifically for that purpose. You can buy them online, or you may even be able to find the min the beauty departments of some stores.Make sure they are as sharp as possible before you get to work. You will quickly find that having the right scissors makes a big difference in the overall quality of your workmanship.

Remember The Most Important Rule Of All

As you start snipping away at your son’s hair, there is one very important rule to remember: you can cut more, but you can’t cut less!

What this means, in a nutshell, is that it is definitely better to err on the side of caution when it comes to cutting hair. Take just a little bit of hair off ata time, and we’re talking a tiny bit.You can always cut more later if you feel like you haven’t done enough. You can’t, however, “uncut” hair, so be cautious and go slow to avoid hair disasters.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Room

People often underestimate the amount of space that they will need to deliver an effective haircut.

Keepin mind that you need plenty of room to move your arms backwards, forwards, and to the side. They are going to be going all over the place as you cut, and you don’t want to accidentally poke someone, drop the scissors repeatedly, or just feel cramped.

Give yourself plenty of space for cutting hair. It will make the process a lot easier for you and a lot less uncomfortable and overwhelming for your child.

Keep It Relatively Simple

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There are a lot of awesome little boy hair cuts out there, and it can be tempting to try some of those super cute but also super complex cuts.

However, unless you are an experienced stylist, that’s probably not the best idea. As cute as those higher-end cuts may be, you are probably better off sticking to simpler cuts, at least when you’re still learning.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of cute, easy cuts out there, and at the beginning​ those are the ones you’ll want to seek out and stick to.

Distract Your Child

As much as you may prepare your child for the “cut to come,” keep in mind that children have short attention spans. They often tend to squirm and wiggle,which can lead to less than ideal cuts.

To help minimize some of this wiggling, give your child a fun distraction that will help him to sit still. This could be a book, your phone, or your tablet.Whatever it is, if it will keep your child quiet, still, and occupied, you’ll be grateful for it as you get down to the business of cutting your child’s hair.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to clue your child in to the fact that sittingstill is a “rule” while the scissors are in your hands.

Keep A Clear Head

We get it. Cutting your child’s hair can be more than a little stressful. However,don’t give into the temptation to take the edge off by having a glass of wine…or two or three.

As great as your control may be while drinking, even one drink can affect your judgment and clarity. Thus, save the bottle of wine for after you’re done cutting your child’s hair.

We promise that the end product will be much better as a result.

Tell Your Child To Sit Correctly

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As has been discussed, keeping a child still while getting his hair cut is far from easy. However, in addition to trying your best to keep him still, you’ve also got to get him to sit the right way.

Ideally, your child should be sitting straight up with his feet on the floor. Don’tallow your child to cross his legs or sit on a foot or do anything else odd with the way he’s sitting.

It might not seem like a big deal, but uneven sitting can lead to uneven cutting and uneven ends of the hair, which nobody wants.

Choose The Right Cut For Your Child’s Hair

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Another thing you will want to think about as you take the “scissor plunge” is your child’s hair and its overall texture and style. Is it curly? Frizzy? Straight as a stick? Overly fine? Overly thick?

Whatever the case may be, you want to choose a style and a cut that works well for his particular hair type, as well as for how he likes to style his hair or how you plan to style it each day. This can take a little research, but it will be worth it in the end when your cut turns out that much better.

Have A Plan In Mind Before You Do Anything

We know you already have a lot to think about, but make sure you have a clear game plan before you cut a single strand from your child’s head. If you start cutting without really knowing what you’re doing- whether it’s a simple trim or a more complex cut- there’s a good chance you are going to make mistakes or end up with a jumbled mess.

By having a clear plan from the start, you are sure to create a much better cut and look.

Consider Your Child’s Face Shape

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One final thing, before cutting your child’s hair, is to keep in mind your child’s facial shape and structure.

The goal, with any haircut, is to make the face appear more oval, which is considered the most flattering facial shape.Thus, consider how a cut will make the face look. If it gives it an oval appearance,that’s the way to go. If it makes the face look more round, square, or anything else, then you will probably want to pick a different cut for your son.

Easy Little Boy Hair Cuts To Try

Now that you’re familiar with a few basic tips on how to cut your son’s hair, it’s time to dive in to some great hair-cutting ideas.

While there are tons of different styles and cuts you could go for, we tried to stick to ones that are simple enough to do at home on your own, even if you aren’t backed by a ton of experience or any experience at all.

The Slightly Shaggy “Mop Top” Look

If you have a little boy who likes to wear his hair a bit on the longer side, this cut should work great for you. Plus, it’s super easy to do too.

In order to execute it, you’ll have to let the hair grow out a little bit, probably at least down to the collar or longer if preferred. This will give you plenty of hair to work with.To perfect the cut, taper the hair around the neck and ears, allowing it to grow gradually longer at the top and near the front.

This cute style can work for anyone, but it looks especially good on those with wavy hair, curly hair, or at least some texture to their hair. It also tends to go great with fuller, thicker hair. This cut is truly adorable and, best of all, super easy to do.

Try Out Tapered Sides

Another cute look for boys is to do a tapered side look. You don’t even need a pair of scissors to achieve this look. Just a good razor set will take care of it for you.You simply part the hair as desired to start with. We think this hairstyle looks particularly endearing with a side part to show off the tapered sides, but you can do any type of part you like.

From there, use the longest guard to go around the head, then a 3/8 of an inch blade to taper the sides as desired. You can blend and perfect with your shortest guard. Then, just clean up stray hairs, touch up any missed spots, and your little prince will look super handsome.

Keep It Mostly Short

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Typically, most people find little boy hair cuts a lot easier to master than little girl hair cuts. A bit part of the reason for this is that boy hair cuts tend to be shorter.

Anyone can cut hair short and make it look neat. So, if you want to do something truly simple, then go ahead and cut it short. But, to add a little variety, leave the front part of the hair a little bit longer.This will allow your son to have nice, short, and easy hair while still being able to spike it up in front or have a cute mussed look with just a little gel.

Long, Lush Layers

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, we suggest cutting some long layers in your son’s hair. This will require growing the hair out a bit first, but it’s a great way to keep length while still giving a masculine cut.

The easiest way to get the look is to use a razor blade to cut the lengths. Keep the hair about halfway over the ears. Then, cut the bangs so that they hit just over the eyebrows.This look is very visually interesting and attractive, and your son is sure to love it.

The Line Up Buzz Cut 

The buzz cut is a great, timeless look for males. However, it can look a little harsh on young boys. For that reason, you can easily soften up a traditional buzz cut by adding in a line up at the forehead. Then, for an even more youthful vibe, add in a blurry fade.

This cut will look great on young kids and teenagers as well, making it an awesome look for just about anyone. Also, it’s very easy to do too, which is an added bonus.

A Soft Mohawk

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Most kids go through that stage where they desperately want a mohawk. And, if you’re the “cool parent,” you just might allow it.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything too crazy. You can go for a modified,softer version of a mohawk by leaving the middle of the hair slightly longer than the rest.

From there, you can easily spike it up when your child wants to rock the true mohawk look. Keep it from being too long in the middle, however, and you can still tame the mohawk down when you want your child to look a little less adventurous.

Get The Scissors Ready

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Now that you’ve read through all of our advice and have some little boy hair cuts ideas, you’re ready to grab the scissors and get to work.

Remember, no one expect a child’s hair to look perfect, so don’t stress too much. Do your best, but don’t worry if your haircut doesn’t turn out as great as a professional’s. Your little boy is sure to love it no matter what.

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