5 Best Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

haircuts for oval face girls

Got an oval face shape? Lucky you! Since oval face shape is known as the most versatile face shape when it comes to flaunting the most flattering hairstyles. This face shape has the ability to pull almost every hairstyle, and therefore you don’t have to worry while experimenting with your looks.

Hairstyles for oval faces are quite diverse, playful, and fun! You can throw almost any hairstyle and slay the look. Also, you can experiment with lots of styles and colors. But sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get started.  Here are the 5 best hairstyles for oval faces on which you can have a look before your next visit to the salon.

  1. The Pretty Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are sexy! You can get your hair colored and totally ace this Charlize Theron’s look and, on the flip side, you don’t have to rely on the long locks for a feminine appeal.

2. Banging Bangs

So, we cannot get enough of these Emma Stone’s cute bangs. These lash grazing bangs draw attention to your eyes and go with any hair length, be it small, medium or long.

To get an edgy, cut the bangs a little blunt from the corners! Go girls, bang on!

3. The Sleek Bob

If you have a shorter hair length, don’t be afraid to try this Emma Watson’s sleek bob haircut. A bob will definitely work with the oval face shape and will accentuate your face as well!

Pin one side with a bob pin and nail this look. We are sure, you will!

4. Pin Straight Layers

Get pin straight layers and part the strands from the middle. This is the most easy and classic hairstyle for the people who don’t want to cut their mane short.

Just have a look at Jennifer Aniston’s cut for a superb example!

5. Pony Tail

If you don’t feel like getting your hair chopped as pixie or in layers, we suggest you to pick them up and tie in a ponytail.

Too tough or afraid of the simple look it gives?

Well, just have a look at the Selena Gomez’s ponytail and read below the easy styling of this hairstyle.


Apply a bit of styling lotion onto damp hair. Use the flat edge of a paddle brush to blow dry two-inch sections while pulling the hair straight. Once dry, create a side-part. Then, tie and secure the ponytail with a elastic band, sweeping your length over your shoulder.

These are the best 5 hairstyles for the people who have an oval face shape. Also, for experimenting with the hairstyles, you hairs need to be long and healthy. So, don’t forget to keep your hair healthy, shiny and bouncy with these easy peasy hair care tips.

Well, the oval face shape means no restriction to hairstyles. Go, Have a look at each one of them again and choose the hairstyle or haircut, which suits you the best.

We are sure after reading this hairstyling post there is only one thing on your mind, “Is it time for a chop”?

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