8 Pro Tips for Thick, Bouncy and Beautiful Hair

how to get thick hair


how to get thick hair

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Skinny is a great word in the context of jeans and Margaritas. But for your hair, it’s a complete no-no. No one wants flat, limp hair – especially when styling is hell challenging for it. But the reality is, fine, thin hair happens frequently. Blame it on heredity, hormones, aging, or stress!

What can you do? What can you do to your envy with celebrities flaunting their shiny and bouncy hair on the red carpet? Well, that can be you too. Just follow these tips and get thick and luscious tresses straight from your dreams.

Hair Care Tips for Thick and Bouncy Hair

Eat Green

how to get thick hair

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Healthy hair grows from inside. Choosing green and healthy edibles like iron-rich spinach, kale chard, tofu, bananas, eggs, peanuts, lentils, salmon, peanuts, cauliflower – all of which are abundant with iron, biotin, zinc, essential vitamins and proteins that support healthy hair growth. Fulfill your protein needs through chicken, lean red meats, eggs, nuts, whole grains, soybeans, seafood and low-fat dairy products. Experts suggest cooking food in coconut and olive oil only.

Message your Scalp Regularly

how to get thick hair

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how to get thick hairhow to get thick hairMessaging revs up blood circulation throughout the hair follicles, where hair growth begins. Just apply a few drops of good quality hair oil and rub it gently all over your scalp for a few minutes. For the best results, keep it overnight.

Know your Hair Type

how to get thick hair

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You must know your hair type before selecting hair care products. Shampoo for oily hair removes excess oil from and avoid your hair from looking sticky. Contrarily, shampoo for dry hair moisturizes and keeps your hair shiny and bouncy. Use dry shampoo on off-days, if required. Dry shampoos absorb excess oil, dirt, and odor while adding volume to fine hair texture.

Never Brush Wet Hair

how to get thick hair

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Wet hairs are weaker and break easily. Never towel-dry your hair roughly If you are serious about getting thick hair. Just press the water out using a clean towel. Next, the biggest mistake we do to our hair daily is combing wet hair. Not suggested! Allow your locks to dry naturally 80% and then detangle these using a wide-tooth comb.

Styling Tips for Thick and Bouncy Hair

Teasing your Roots

how to get thick hair

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Teasing may be an old-school tactic, but all stylists follow it because it still works. Blow-dry your hair and apply a root-lifting spray to the roots to set the lift created with blow-drying. Brush your hair using fingertips to add texture and oomph. Be sure to use thermal protectant to protect your hair from heat.

Switch your Part

how to get thick hair

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Changing your part has many benefits –  it tames baby hairs, prevents damage to roots they are exposed to, and top of it, makes your hair look amazingly voluminous effortlessly.

Choose your Hairbrush Wisely.

how to get thick hair

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Skip using round metal brushes with a blow dryer, as it breaks thin hair quickly. Hard plastic bristles also cause hair breakage. Hair experts recommend cushioned boar bristle brushes or brushes made of flexible nylon. These glide through the hair smoothly and avoid breakage hair.

Volumize with Hair Color

how to get thick hairhow to get thick hair

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A good colorist can strategically make your hair look fuller. If you have dark hair, the stylist can create lighter highlights that will diminish the contrast between your hair and your scalp. They can create use three-four shades to create a multidimensional voluminous look. Hair color itself expands the hair shaft slightly adding thickness, bounce, and volume to your hair.

Last, but most important, see a doctor if thinness of your hair relates to your health.

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