9 Expert Hair Care Tips for Men

hair care tips for men

hair care tips for menhair care tips for men

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Your hair is your glory and crown.

No matter the gender, hair is a precious accessory to both men and women. Like their female counterpart, hair grooming equally matters for males to get bouncy and approachable hair.

Men face a bad hair day as just as women do. Frizzy hair, bad hair growth, greasiness, breakage, build-up, thinning thatch and many other hair problems are equally annoying men.

Here are ten hair care tips for men, gathered from award-winning hairdressers and grooming experts.

How to take care of your hair men?

Hair Thinning? Switch to Matte.

hair care tips for men

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hair care tips for men

Glossy styling products make your hair look sleeker. So, using these products is not a good idea if you suffer hair thinning. Experts recommend using the matte styling product to make your hair appear thicker by absorbing light.

Egg Wash Your Hair Every Month

hair care tips for men

hair care tips for men

hair care tips for men

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Egg yolk is the richest source of hair-friendly vitamins A, B, D & E while most of the bacteria-eating enzymes and proteins are found in egg white.

Whisk egg yolk and white together in a bowl, massage it into your scalp, keep for 10 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

Remove Wax From Dry Hair Using Shampoo

hair care tips for men

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Do you love styling wax, but struggle to remove it out of your head? Your shampoo can help here. Apply shampoo directly on dry hair. Massage it well and then rinse it out. This method also helps with breakage and redoing hair damage. Try using shampoos that contain active and medium wax-cutting ingredients.

Boycott Comb Over Style

hair care tips for men

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If hair thinning is your biggest concern, forget the comb-over hairstyle. Instead, try cropped style to keep your sides shorter and maintain volume on the top of the head. This will hide the thinning areas.

Don’t Wash Hair Daily

hair care tips for men

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The biggest mistake that almost all men commit! Washing your hair frequently strips of its natural oil and fades the hair color quickly. It also makes your hair dull, causes split ends and causes product build-up. Alternatively, use a dry shampoo whenever required.

Protect Hair From Chlorine

Are you a fitness swimmer or swim for fun? Then hair problems walk with you, right? Chlorine removes natural oils from hair, resulting in thinning, dullness and lost flexibility.

Here’s what you’ve to do – take a pre-swimming hair rinse, take oil treatment on cleaned hair, wear shower cap always and don’t forget a post-swimming head-to-toe wash.


hair care tips for men

Start Hating Heat Styling


hair care tips for men

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Blowdrying, curling, straightening, heat has everything to do with taming unruly strands. But, hat protection is arguably the biggest topic in haircare industry. It’s okay to heat your hair occasionally, but never over-heat because it can cause irreversible damage to your hair while making them look dull and prone to breakage. Don’t forget heat protectants!

Use Styling Products Sparingly

hair care tips for men

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Men keep pomades, wax, gel, and hair cream handy to maintain their hairstyles updated. It may work for the moments but will devastate your look in the long term. Harms of hair styling products, hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp are always spoken together. Better use styling products sparingly!

Don’t Underrate Household Ingredients

hair care tips for men

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Undeniably, store-bought, shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products, build-up on your hair and scalp. Experts recommend using home remedies for shiny, thick and well-maintained hair. Try vinegar rinse, lemon rinse, and homemade masks for men hair care to keep your hair scalp clean and chemical-free.

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