The Most Elegant Haircuts for Women in Their 30s

Age comes with responsibilities. This is clearly notable in women who are in their 30’s. At this age most of these women are burdened by busy careers and hectic family issues.  Besides having a good wardrobe, such ladies also cherish a perfect hairstyle.  A good hairstyle speaks out volumes and also goes a long way in making one not only feel good but also look beautiful.

It is never easy to attain such needs without hard work and research about latest and most convenient hairstyle. Many considerations are made before resorting to a given hairstyle.  A convenient hairstyle should suit both official, family and casual requirements.

This is because at this age there is limited time for one to go spend long hours each and every other time in salons. Time is reserved for much more important things in professional and family matters basically. Therefore, a convinient hairstyle at this age is one which is beautiful, time saving and durable.

A beautiful hairstyle in this case should be one that brings out the matue, successful lady in one. By time saving, a hairstyle should definitely be easy to style up and have a lower maintenance frequency.

By durability, the hairstyle should be one that can last a good period of time without waning off its spark. Another important aspect is that of flexibility. Much has already been hinted in that respect.

It is also prudent to consider matching a hairstyle with one’s skin tone and color, shape of the face, and color of one’s eyes. This helps in attaining a wholesome blend of the hairstyle with the natural aspects of the individual’s body. All the above factored in, the most important quality of a good hairstyle is that of relevance.

The hairstyle should reveal an up-to-date individual and not someone who appears lost in the past. With all the above considerations, one can now start exploring the hairstyles befitting a lady in her 30s. There are variety hairstyles but some precede the rest and those are the ones described in this piece.

The pixie haircut

The pixie haircut is a top choice hair style for most women in their 30’s. The haircut produces an appealing, bold and cheerful look. It is also apparent that the style is appropriate for both official and casual occasions.​

Although this cut is not the one that you can just wash your hair and go, it has a significantly reduced drying period. One valuable quality of this style is that it easy to maintain and needs minimal time to fix.

This style can be made in different ways. It can be silky and side-swept, choppy and textured, smooth and side-parted, highlighted and huge, sweeping bands, wavy and tousled or simply tucked to the side.

Coco Chanel

  A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. 

You can comfortably use the pixie hairstyle to suit your mood or color of your dress for the day. To spice up your pixie hairstyle, it is easy to integrate the use of ribbons, headbands, small barrettes and clips. All you need is to select a size, shape and color that matches your mood and apparel for the day.

This style is popular in recent time because it looks both casual, simple and ironically sophisticated. For this hairstyle you can just wash up your hair and go. It is extremely good for curly textures and for ladies who do not want to bother so much with their hair.

The hair layers are retained mid-length and are intended to be worn tousled and natural. The shag hairstyle is breath-taking in any length: short ones are sassy and sensual, medium ones elegant while long ones are well-known for their implausible all-over layers.

Shag are also good for fine and dense, wavy and straight hair. When it comes to variety of style, shag hair is definitely top on the list.

Thick Shoulder Length Haircut

This is one of the most adaptable and pleasing hair length for all appearance types and hair textures. This hairstyle simply requires to be cut in a perfect length to produce its desired elegant look. The cut should not be too short or too long.

The perfect cut is always mid-length to achieve a preferred outcome. At this length you can have a straight and smooth, wavy and cool or curly and pretty. This means you can fashion your hair into a sleeked back, twisted edge, curly lob, professional and refined, big curls, or seductive style. When molded as required, the only outcome to imagine is a worthy one.

The Bob Hairstyle

  This should have definitely been on top of the list of hair styles for women aged 30 and above. This style has constantly been a stylish option for women of all ages.

   It can be worn by anyone with a nice neck and jawline. The bob works well on thin to medium hair. However, this cut can be of high upkeep demanding good time styling



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Hair Care - June 16, 2016 Reply

Very interesting post. I’m on my mid-30’s and wondering what to do with my hair. Probably go with shoulder length haircut so I can still style it. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    admin - June 18, 2016 Reply

    Thanks, I hope that you will feel satisfied with you new hairstyle.

Kody Loveless - June 24, 2016 Reply

These are some great ideas. My wife just turned 30, and you are so right about women being busy in their 30’s she is a VP in a marketing firm, and is always moving. She has been thinking of doing a pixie cut. She looks great with short hair. I thin it would be perfect for her, and her busy life style.

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