Fresh New Hairstyles For Asian Men To Try This Fall You Should Not Miss

While Asian women have a whole range of inspiration to choose from, there’s very little encouragement out there for Asian men who are keen on giving their hair a radical and stylish makeover. Thanks to their naturally textured and thick hair, Asian men can rock just about any hairstyle. From something as elaborate as a man bun to something as new-age as short and spiky hair, Asian men hairstyles tend to be fashion-forward and trendsetting. The best part is that there are specific styles that Asian men with different hair lengths can try.

A new hairstyle can instantly upgrade your look and turn you into a younger, more fashionable version of yourself. This fall, consider trying out a fresh look with one of these Asian men hairstyles. You are sure to impress your friends and family with one of these unique, fun looks!

Short Hairstyles

a short hair man sit on the chair

A majority of the men in Asia and elsewhere tend to keep their hair short. Naturally, with this length being the most popular one, there are several hairstyles that Asian men with short hair can rock. Short hair is also extremely easy to style, which explains why there are so many popular options out there. If you fall into this category as well, take a look at some of the trendiest cuts that are topping the charts for Asian men hairstyles. You might just find something you like.

The Classic Side Part

man side part hair on the wall

There’s a reason this hairstyle has stood the test of time—it’s classic, it’s easy, and it suits every face type. It adds a degree of sophistication to your appearance, and it makes people take you seriously. Several kinds of Asian men hairstyles may go in and out of style, but this one remains on the number spot. If you’re unsure of what style may suit your face, or if you’re afraid to try a bolder hairstyle, try the classic side part.

The Push-Up

push up hairstyle man

To rock this look, all you need to do is grow your hair slightly thicker and longer on the top. The sides and the rear end are buzzed down and trimmed closer to the scalp than the top. The hair on the top is slightly longer, making it more flexible for styling. It is recommended that you use a hair wax with this style because the wax helps you set your hair and allows it to come together naturally.

The Angular Fringe

long angular fringe square

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that can take a few years off your look, the angular fringe is first among the many Asian men hairstyles you should consider. It’s a cool, chic look that works well with any face shape. They style, which requires tapered, short, and clean sides, works best if the top portions remain thicker. The hair just above the forehead is allowed to grow longer, and then, it’s swept along the forehead in an angular pattern.

High And Tight Hair

High and Tight High Skin Fade with Crew Cut and Beard

Asian men are increasingly taking to this 1920s style, and for good reason. It’s one of the few Asian men hairstyles that is fuss-free and easy to maintain. Essentially, this style involves extremely short sides and edges, and only about an inch of hair on the top portion. The top and the sides are often distinctly separated by a demarcating line to part the sections. The overall effect is serious and masculine.

Medium Hairstyles

medium haircuts

Medium length hair is often the hardest to style. Perhaps this is because it’s a tad bit too long for the typical short hair Asian men hairstyles to work perfectly, and also not long enough for the long hairstyle options to click. Medium length hair typically means a full head of hair that can often get unruly. In order to appear presentable, it’s necessary to style medium length hair correctly. If you sport medium hair, these looks will help you sport a trendy style and look smart and well-dressed.

Slicked Back Undercut

slick back hair cut

Medium hair never looked as good as it does when it’s combed into a slicked back undercut. To achieve this look, the first step is to closely crop off the hair on the sides. The hair up top is still its own medium length and is straightened out and combed back into the head. It helps if you apply a gel to keep your hair in place. The highlight of this style is that your hair has ample opportunity to flaunt its height and texture when combed back into place.

Textured Crop With A Heavy Fringe

Textured Crop With A Heavy Fringe

Medium length hair that’s also curly has a distinct charm of its own. If you have curly or wavy hair that has grown out quite a bit, and you don’t want to chop any bit of it off, then try the textured crop hairstyle. This comes with a heavy fringe that can take years off your appearance, making you look younger. The hairstyle is further enhanced by the use of texture pastes, which add more volume and let your hair’s natural texture stand out.

Blow-dried Hair

Shirtless young man drying hair with hairdryer, looking at camera at home

For men with straight, medium-length hair who aren’t eager to make any drastic changes to their hair or try on some radical new Asian men hairstyles, the blow-dried hair is the safest bet to take. All you need to do is wash your hair and part it on one side. Then, comb it back neatly and turn on the blow-drier. Drying your hair this way gives it a fresh appearance that’s hard to look away from. To top it, you can use a thin layer of gel to set errant hair in place.

Grown-out Layers

Grown out Layers

Who said layers are only for the women? With new hair trends cropping up, men can flaunt this cool trend too. All you need to do is let your hair grow out to medium length, and then crop it out in layers that fall back in natural waves, one over the other. This hairstyle especially works well on men with soft, smooth tresses, because hair that’s nice tends to set in better than rough hair.

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

Here’s where things get fascinating. A significant percentage of Asian men are getting comfortable sporting longer hair, and it’s only natural that they’d like some trendy ways to tie their long locks up. If you’re considering growing out your hair, but the lack of options has held you back, then rest assured that you search for some hip Asian men hairstyles for long hair ends right here. Read on for some interesting options that you could try if you get over your hesitation and decide to grow out your hair.

The Man Bun

The Man Bun

No long hair styling guide is complete without the inclusion of the man bun. This little-twisted knot has been around for several years and will continue to remain for several more. It’s easy, doable, and there’s not just one way to rock it. You can tie all of your hair up in a knot, or you could leave a bit of it down and tie the rest of it into a bun. You could tie it high or low and leave it messy or make it neat. It’s all about what defines you best.

The Ponytail

The Ponytail

This is another fashionable choice among the many Asian men hairstyles for long-haired men. Much like the bun, you can style the ponytail in any way you want to. You could even braid a section of hair in the front and tuck it into your ponytail if you want a trendy addition to the plain old ponytail. It’s an effective way to keep the hair out of your face when you want to, and it’s also easy to style.

Perm Curls

Perm Curls

When you’re sporting long hair, you might as well walk the whole nine yards, so to speak. And if you have thick hair as well, then perm curls are the way to go. The longer your hair is, the better your curls weigh down. And if you throw in a bit of hair gel or hair wax to keep stray hair strands in place, you’ll have it all—well-defined curls, a bit of some bounce, and neat, long hair. Perming also keeps your hair from turning frizzy.



It’s truly an appealing blend of cultures when Asian men with longer hair choose to sport dreadlocks. While it’s not anybody’s first choice, given how unconventional and attention-grabbing the style is, it’s a great option for men who don’t want to bother with styling their hair every day. Of course, hair that has been set in dreadlocks needs its own maintenance routine. So, if you’re considering this style, make sure you’re ready for it all.

Asian Men Hairstyles – Conclusion

The key to choosing one among these many Asian men hairstyles is to find the style you’re most comfortable in. Of course, trying new styles is a great way to give your appearance a fresh makeover. But remember that if you’re not satisfied with a particular look, you can always change it. After all, fall is a time for some very welcome changes.

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