Five Fresh and Trending Spring Hairstyles

Hairstyles for spring

Spring is already here! And our Pinterest boards are already loaded with cute hairstyles for this spring! Whether it’s a messy topknot or a sleek ponytail- the options are endless. No matter what your hair type is or what hair length you have, we have fresh spring hairstyles that will spin on the basic classics and are also easy to pull off!

There are a plenty of hairstyles over the web but if you have been looking to spice up a little; then the following five hairstyles will do you good. Have a look!

Messy Topknot

Hairstyles for spring

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Messy topknot buns are a perfect idea when you want an easy-peasy and a laid-back hairstyle for a brunch with your girl gang!

This is a chic hairstyle which hardly requires any effort, and is so simple that it will become your instant go-to for hangouts and as well as work!

High Pony

Well, High Pony is one of the most classic and timeless hairstyles, which you can give a try this spring.

This hairstyle can easily transform a casual look into an upscale one! All you need is to add a pouf of volume in the front and leave the front sections of hair around your face.

It is a quick and casual updo but, see Constance Wu, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner making this low-key style as a red carpet option.

Chic Wraparound Braid

This wraparound braid is the most elegant hairstyle for this spring and, is sure to turn some heads.

Try playing with some cute barrettes, bobby pins or yarn and spice up this Irish-inspired hairstyle. This cute hairstyle can be teamed up with a short dress for a weekend errand; can also be used to become a beach bombshell.

Braided Pompadour

Spring Hairstyles

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We all have those days in summers when we just don’t want to head out being a plain Jane. So, we have this pompadour spring hairstyle for you to the rescue!

Here is how you can get this hairstyle: Start from the hairline; French braid the entire section to the back and, divide your hair into three sections. Now, braid the sections with the outside pieces and keep the French braid for loose volume.

End the braid and center of your head and secure it with two bobby pins.

This is for the ones with the longer hair and for those who just want to keep the hair out of the face in the heat.

The Low Retro Bun


Spring Hairstyles

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This low retro fun is the simplest hairstyle for spring, which can be easily pulled out for a dinner date or for a meeting at your workplace.

Simply divide your hairs into two sections and lightly brush them from the top section to sweep it to the backside. Twist from both the sides and pin them on the center of the crown. Now gather the rest of the hairs and wrap it around at the base of the ponytail.

It is a classic spring hairstyle but is more stylish than the basic bun.

Also, you can add these accessories, use these tips and score a different and fresh vibe with these quick and easy hairstyles! Have fun and embrace your beautiful hair with these awesome spring hairstyles!

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